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Do not give points for generator breakdown.

When I play for any of the killers, the survivors start the generators, I go up to them and start breaking it, but they don’t give me 100 points for the breakdown. That’s the essence of the problem, every time the generator breaks points are not given.


  • Aven_Fallen
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    Afterwards, are there Sparks on the Gen? Because it might be possible that you do not press Space long enough (or whichever button it is) and in fact not damage the Gen at all.

  • FireHazard
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    That doesn't seem to be possible, you won't fully break the generator until the bar is completely full. You'll know its broken when you hold the space bar until the kicking animation is done and the iconic static noise plays after it is damaged, indicating that it is indeed damaged now.

    Its best to just hold the space bar until it is clearly damaged when it starts spewing electricity. Once you get used to it you can just time when it will finish and move onto a chase or the other gens.

    Once it is fully damaged, you'll be rewarded the 100 brutality points.

    This is what a generator looks like after it has been damaged by holding the space bar for long enough.