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The Game(Darkness Issue for console) Will it be fixed?

So I've been wondering for months and months now why this issue hasn't been fixed. For those of you who don't know on The Game (for console)when you're on the bottom floor it's literally pitch black. When I play killer on this map for the life of me I can't see a damn thing. Fast forward several months later and this issue STILL hasn't been fixed. I'm wondering if the devs will ever fix this because at the moment they seem more focused on cosmetics than actually fixing some issues for the game. So I'm wondering will this ever be fixed or will this take the devs 10 months or 2 years later to fix this?

-This was asked on technical issues and I really want to see this fixed.


  • FireHazard
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    Its just another lighting bug that the devs will have to fix with the console version, its unknown if this is for all of the console versions, or if its just for PS4 and XBOX, or just one of the two.

    Currently, I can't give you an exact answer when this will be addressed, or if it will be any time soon. But if you confirm this with other console users with picture proof, i'm sure they'll take notice to it.

    Try posting it somewhere that involves issues like this, with said proof, and you'll possible get some results on the issue. Asking it here isn't really gonna get you an answer, this is more for community members to answer and rarely devs, as stated above in the [Please note] above.