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Different starting characters

Are the starting character on different platforms?

On ps4 I got Dwight, Jake, Nea, Claudette, Meg and Feng. On pc i did'nt get Feng instead i got David and the huntress instead of Feng and doctor like i did on ps4.

Are the starting characters different on different platforms?


  • YaiPa
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    Yes and no. The original starting characters are Dwight, Jake, Claudette and Meg. David and Nea are free. Feng and Ace are included in the Ps4 edition, along with the Hag and the Doctor. On Pc tho, these last 4 characters need to be bought.

  • DocOctober
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    On both PC and console, the starting Characters are Dwight, Nea, Claudette, Jake and Trapper, Wraith, Hillbilly.

    CHAPTERS I and V are free for both platforms, so their characters get added to that pool: Nea/Nurse and Huntress/David

    Additionally on just the console, CHAPTERS III and IV are free as well, so their characters get added to the pool as well: Ace/Hag, Feng/Doctor. On the PC, you will have to buy those Chapters.

  • FireHazard
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    @ShadowSWE As YaiPa has stated, the starting characters are considered to be the original cast, that means we're talking about Dwight, Claudette, Jake, and Meg for Survivors, and Trapper, Wraith, and Hill-Billy for Killers.

    Its argued Nurse is also one of the originals, but she didn't come out til later on in 2016 as a free DLC.

    As for "in-general" what the first free Killers/Survivors are, it depends on the platform because of certain copy-right issues, and such. Previously Bill was only supposed to be on PC because of the contract that Steam had on him, but I did hear recently they were going to add him in (Or they already did) but don't quote me on that.

    As for console, I believe I heard Doctor is free because of something with how there wasn't enough free starter characters or something? I'm not 100% on that one either.

    The answer to this question

    Looking past all that was said above, the starting characters differ between platforms so that its more "fair" with how many there are. By this I mean, they probably had Doctor free on PS4 with Feng because of how some Killers and Survivors are not on there like Bill, etc.

    For PC, they're not free because those characters ARE on PC. All characters for DBD are on PC, while other platforms are mixed with what they got.

    It has to do with the copyrights of these characters, other issues, etc for who's on what platform and or whats on each platform.

  • Raven014
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    Feng and Ace are also free on Xbox, so all the Console starter chapters are the same.