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Do you think freddy should have the oblivious status or undetectable status effect when teleport

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  • FireHazard
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    No because of two reasons, if he had the undetected status effect it wouldn't entirely matter since he lets the Survivors around the generator know that he's coming anyways, so adding that doesn't really do anything.

    And if he had the oblivious status effect also, OR if it was just that status effect, than the same issue would arise. Now, he could possible teleport to one generator and walk to another yes, but the issue is that he wouldn't have enough time to do so anyways between generators when the undetected status effect is active, due to how long the timer is by default (It's under like 3 seconds I believe.)

    Also, it wouldn't matter if he did that with the oblivious status effect also because it only activates if Survivors are around said generator he's teleporting to...

    So either way, they both wouldn't do anything. (I'm talking basekit, if you use class photo than maybe it would work, but nobody has infinite classphotos to make that status effect viable...)

  • WhTe_Tygre_DBD
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    Thanks for the answer :)