3 new Killer Perks

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Hello it's me again :D The creation of the Perks lately was so much fun that I have created 3 more. This time it's Killer Perks. It's just for fun :) Would like to hear your opinion. I hope you can read the textof the perks.

The perks are not associated with a special killer. But maybe there will be something in the near future :D


  • DirtyNurseMain
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    “Do not you dare to touch my property!!!”
  • ItsDaEmuDood
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    Great ideas, but remove the progression from opening Exit Gates by hitting the Gatekeeper skill check. We don't wanna help the Survivors in anyway. Hex: Confusion is great greed buster perk, and good for detection. Territoriality, basically Coulrophobia for totems and chests, which are good for patrolling, especially on Ruin totems, and if you're running Thrill, it's even better.

    Summary: His/Her personal perks allow him/her to defend Exit Gates more effectively and punish Survivors for trying to complete secondary objectives.