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what are the worst perks for survivors in your opinion


Im relatively new to the game and am curious what the worst perks are for the survivors ive


  • Fibijean
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    For future reference, this is the bug reports section of the forum. You should post something like this in General Discussions or Ask the Community.

    To answer your question, I would say first off that no perks are utterly useless. If you're a new player and something sounds like it could be useful to you, give it a go.

    That said, if you're looking at what perks are objectively the least effective, I can give you a bit of a guide there. In terms of perks available to all survivors, here are the ones I wouldn't bother with if you have an alternative that isn't on this list:

    Dark Sense, Deja Vu, No One Left Behind, Resilience, Slippery Meat, This Is Not Happening.

    However, the reason those perks are not considered generally great is because most of them are aimed at helping new players, so again, if you need them to help you learn the game or just make it a bit less difficult while you get the hang of some of the basic mechanics, go for it.

    In terms of teachable perks, I would also not recommend Ace In The Hole, Autodidact, Boil Over, Detective's Hunch, Diversion, Left Behind, No Mither (simply because it's not new-player friendly, not cause it's a bad perk), Object of Obsession (same reason as No Mither), Open-Handed, Pharmacy, Saboteur, Sole Survivor, Stake Out, Streetwise, Up The Ante, Vigil, Wake Up, or Windows of Opportunity.

    Again, some of those are not recommended because they are fairly niche, or only useful for new players. So I would strongly encourage you to give anything you like the sound of a go, even if it's on this list.

  • LastShoe
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    Resillience and This is Not Happening are considered to not be great because they require you to be in the injured state, so to really use tchem you also have to use no mither. They aren't bad thought.

    Ace in The Hole, Diversion, Autodidact, Stake out, Streetwise and vigil arent bad either.

    Ace in The Hole is a good item farming perk, especially when combined with the plunderer.

    Diversion can work well with some practice for more stealthy players.

    Autodidact is good for the healer build (no healing meta makes it weak thought)

    Streetwise is a great bonus charge for the items.

    And vigil is 8 seconds for the exhausted status effect, which can be lifesaving.

  • MegsAreEvil
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    Worst Perk ever is Premonition. Never use that, cause its just useless.