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Deep wound status

Noxus Member Posts: 5

Is it normal that as a KILLER, i can't see the progress of deep wound status on survivor, even those who aren't mending and outside of the terror radius?

Perhaps it's a bug, i remember that we could see the status of it before sooo.


  • SunderMun
    SunderMun Member Posts: 2,791

    It's intentional since the Legion rework happened.

  • Ark_the_Bonsai
    Ark_the_Bonsai Member Posts: 867

    What Sunder said. It's done to prevent people from cheesing the bleedout. It doesn't actually stop that because ghostface, pig, and wraith can just follow until the bleedout happens and everyone else can't really take advantage of it because, so long as they're in the Terror Radius, it doesn't go down.

  • Noxus
    Noxus Member Posts: 5

    Soo only surv can see the status of the deep wound now hmm, sad

  • Raccoon
    Raccoon Member Posts: 7,536

    Deep Wound is a non-threatening status effect from a killer perspective, and a boring one (M1 zzzzzzzz) from a survivor perspective.

    It needs to be reworked to be useful for killers and more threatening/interactive for survivors.

  • Mister_xD
    Mister_xD Member Posts: 7,669

    yeah, thats actually intentional.

    its ment to stop you from being ablt to track survivors with their deepwound timer, as you could pinpoint their general location just by looking at when the timer starts ticking and when not.

    thats also the main reason why the pig nerf that would stop the traps from working in her TR didnt make it (i think they tested that once in a PTB some time ago).

    honestly, imo deep wound is way more beneficial to the survivors than actually for the killer.

    its been nerfed too much in the past...

  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314


    The main issue with Post-Patch Legion, is that it's near impossible to casually down a Survivor with the deep wound effect in a normal game without suffering time loss.

    The hard nerf he got really effected the deep wound status effect especially, and now it's not even worth pursuing that as your primary means of downing a Survivor due to how many FF stabs it takes to down someone in the deep wound, and how easy it is to waste time doing so.

    The deep wound status bar goes down now only when Legions Terror Radius is out of sight, and because of how... infrequent it is for a Survivor to just let the timer drop outside of terror radius... than that's most likely why you've never seen it physically go down.

    Most, if not all Survivors naturally just mend right when they're hit, because Legion is more focused on continuing the chain than he is mind-gaming you with a double back towards you... That, or Survivors just slightly run a bit off than mend and the timer doesn't drop.

    It could also be a visual bug because this isn't the first time people who used Legion has seen the timer sit still despite going down (My self included) so it could just be that also...

    As a legion, you're more focused on damaging the team rather than downing them now, so that's something you should focus on if you don't already... This especially applies to Post-Patch Legion now, and although it's harder to effectively chain-stab the entire team in one FF activation, it can still be done... Heck, I've done it at Red Ranks multiple times before this post was even made, it just takes a lot more... forward thinking when you know that if you miss, FF ends.