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Is Ghostface just discount Myers?


Because all their powers are pretty much the same, except Ghostface has a normal terror radius, and also can be nullified by just looking at him.

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    Longer version

    On the contrary, GhostFace can actually be his own type of a stealth Killer because of his size and overall concept towards his power.

    Yes, Myers and GhostFace do rely on stalking when they're trying to use the exposed status effect on Survivors, but GhostFace does it in a very different way than Myers does...

    For example, due to GhostFaces size compared to Myers, it's actually easier to stalk Survivors... especially when he does it by leaning around corners. (Stalking around a corner actually makes the Survivors meter go up faster too...)

    The issues for Myers once Survivors are aware he's in Tier ll, is that stealth kind of ceases in some cases when the map is a open field like cold winds or Macmillan estate... This is because of his overall height, and as well as the various places one could hide before he even knows you're there. Now, if you're on say... on Lerys for example, than the stealth is constant for Myers and is quite a scary experience for a lot of Survivors because of this... Despite this for open maps, because of the constant near 0 Terror radius, its hard to really know where he'll come from due to the overall fear of where he'll be... and because most if not all Survivors rely on the Terror Radius to know where a Killer is, Myers throws that out the window and makes Survivors rely on a different sense to find him... sight.

    And while Myers can decrease his Terror Radius even more out of chases with Monitor and Abuse, we're talking more about base-kit.

    Of course, that doesn't mean GhostFace is better than Myers no, it just means they go about stealth in a different way. Myers stealth is constant, therefore it's harder to pin-point which direction he'll come from without the Survivor constantly surveying the area, and while this is true for GhostFace in some regards... the fact he can turn his Terror Radius off and on is why it's so different.

    GhostFace can effectively fool Survivors because of this ability, and by doing so he can fake a chase while actually going back towards say... a Survivor doing a generator they passed when in the chase, or say... walking past a generator area that they knew a Survivor was at, than turning their Terror Radius off and walk back to said generator to find the Survivor on the generator.

    Things like that, and while yes his power can be turned off by simply looking at him, it's a lot different than when he was launched... You need to physically face him now, while looking in his direction, and if you mess it up he'll know where that came from because of the visual prompts he gets when a Survivor attempts to break him out of Night Shroud.

    Their powers a different as well, while they both do the same thing which is stalking to expose a Survivor, the way it's done has different effects. Myers Tier lll gives the expose effect to ALL Survivors, and increases his Lunge and vaulting speed, while Night Shroud can only expose Survivors one at a time, allowing GhostFace to pocket his expose effect on other Survivors and chase the one Survivor he exposed.

    In benefits to the exposed effect, Myers has GhostFace beat for sure, but because of the difference in size, and way the exposed effect is carried out, is why they're not two sides of the same coin...


    GhostFace is shorter than Myers, which makes it easier to stalk Survivors and increases his stalk when he leans around corners to stalk. GhostFace also doesn't lose how fast his meter on Survivors increases when multiple Survivors are on screen, unlike Myers where if there are more than 1 Survivor on screen during a stalk, the meter increases at a slower pace.

    Myers beats GhostFace when it comes to how the exposed effect goes on, where he can pocket his Tier lll for a practical use, while also having it work on all Survivors WITH an increased lunge distance and vaulting speed. However, GhostFace can pocket his exposed effect on multiple Survivors as well and save it once he downs a specific Survivor with the exposed effect and use it on the others when he finds them.

    GhostFace can also fool Survivors with his Terror Radius thanks to Night Shroud. With Night Shroud, he can use his Terror Radius to have Survivors know where he is, while also double backing on areas by turning off his Terror Radius out of sight to catch hiding Survivors going back to say... Generators, hooks, etc. This is especially good during a chase, if the chase isn't worth it or if its just better to go after a Survivor you saw during a chase, you can break the chase off and turn your Terror Radius off while going back to said generator to get a hit off on the other Survivor...

    In conclusion, GhostFace beats Myers in stealth because of size, height, and how fast his stalking can happen by default, while Myers beats GhostFace in chases WITH the exposed effect in Tier lll, as well as how his stealth is constant and can't be broken through looking a GhostFace.

    Note, GhostFaces ability is harder to break him out of now unlike during launch and or PTB. So it's a lot harder to just actively break his stealth.


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    He's odd. Better at ambushes than Myers but Myers has more advantages in a chase.

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    he is actually very different than myers.

    while myers uses his power to mainly stalk and then oneshot survivors, ghostface should use his power to ambush and mindgame around loops.

    i honestly prefer ghostface over myers. he has a better start into the trial and he can choose when to disappear and when not to. myers will only really have this jumpscare aspect of his, when in tier 1, which he cant return to once he hits tier 2.