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Did I miss something

Since when did flashlights save after the killer has been walking with the survivor on shoulder I thought saves could only be done before the killer gets survivor on their shoulder.i was almost at hook after walking a few seconds, and a survivor got behind the hook blinded me and got the save, and no it wasn’t a wiggle off I wasn’t that far from hook.


  • Aven_Fallen
    Aven_Fallen Member Posts: 15,113

    If you look at the Flashlight, you can still drop the Survivor. But could also be a Dedicated Server Issue.

  • HellCatJane
    HellCatJane Member Posts: 698

    Yea, it is possible to get flashlight saves when carrying, have to avoid looking at the flashlight. As mentioned, there could be new timing that is needed now due to the dedicated servers and slight lag now also.

    Best advice is to look down, not up when trying to avoid them as well.

  • Fibijean
    Fibijean Member Posts: 8,342

    Quite the contrary. Survivors can only be saved with a flashlight while they are on the killer's shoulder, which includes the pickup animation. The reason people always go for flashlight saves while the killer is picking someone up is the same reason they wait until the killer starts to break a pallet before blinding them. The killer is vulnerable and unable to move during the animation to avoid the flashlight, so it's the best chance to rescue your teammate. Once the killer is on the move, survivors know they have almost no chance of pulling off the save, so it's almost never attempted after the initial pickup (which I'm guessing is where you got the impression that that was the only time it could be done).

  • Mister_xD
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    they could always free their friends by blinding the killer while he was carrying them.

    the only reason why people always try to do it during the pickup animation is, because you cant look away in that case.

    if someone shines a flashlight in your eyes while you are carrying someone, just look up and you wont be blinded.

  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314


    The flashlight save only happens right before the pick-up animation is complete. So for example, you blind the Killer right before the pick-up animation is done so when it's completely finished the blind effect happens.

    That's why the timing is so tricky now, rather than how it was before where you could blind a Killer from any angle.

    So by knowing this, the blindness effect could've triggered right after a few seconds from when you walked, due to the effect lingering on... It's kind of the same thing with the perk Head-On, as long as you were in the vicinity of when the Survivor jumped out of the Locker (It activates in a straight line from the locker) than the stun effect will hit you no matter what...

    It's quite odd, and I believe it has something to do with latency as well.

  • KrazyAce13
    KrazyAce13 Member Posts: 329

    Not sure this was a straight up flash me while carrying a survivor the survivor jumped of it wasn’t ds or flip flop or a wiggle because I wasn’t that far from the hook

  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314

    Could've been DS or Flipflop. If you were being flashed than it could just be a lingering effect that I mentioned above.

    On the off chance its a bug, who knows...