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What would you think if Dead by Daylight introduced mapping tools so that we could make maps?


How do you think it would work? What would you like the editor to be like? Any maps you might make? How would you think the devs might implement community maps in the game?


  • FireHazard
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    That's interesting in theory, but when actually done it could be tricky. For one, they'd have to allow anyone to make a map within a certain set of rules, and it would have to be approved under a new specific team for this.

    Also, the maps couldn't be used in actual ranked matches since some maps could be biased more towards one side than the other. Like for example, people could create maps like Gideons Meat Plant where it's incredible easy to snow ball in due to how small the map is, or they could create another Lampkin Lane where the Survivors could abuse mechanics like with the houses and the perk balanced landing combo'ed with said houses on that map.

    Having that in mind, they would need to decide if the maps could be created from the ground up, or if players can just edit the tiles within pre-existing maps... So for example, it'd be randomized like with the multiple Badham Pre-School maps, but the main buildings and parts of the map would still exist somewhere on said map...

    A lot of issues could come from this is it was in ranked, and if it's not in ranked they'ed have to make an entire new play-mode just to compensate for this feature....

    So like I said, in theory it sounds good, but in reality it has many issues with it...