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Inner Strength healing interactions

Whomst Member Posts: 168
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Since perks like Coulrophobia , Sloppy Butcher , Thanatophobia , and Dying Light apply a penalty to healing progression speed , do those perks increase the time spent in a locker before being healed when using Inner Strength?

If that interaction doesn't exist , I think it should for Coulrophobia at least.


  • HellCatJane
    HellCatJane Member Posts: 698

    It does not currently exist. Nurses calling won't show you either.

    You aren't actually like healing, yourself... If that makes sense... The action is cleansing the totem, and then going into a locker.

  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314


    Like HellCat said, the interaction doesn't exist because you're technically not healing in the conventional means. That's why it doesn't change the speed of the perk overall.

    It makes sense, since its not TECHNICALLY healing yourself... it's just healing you in a more... "Supernatural" means.