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How do I play as Ash?


I bought the DLC recently and I'm kinda unsure how to play as him, I would like to receive some tips for him, specially for Flip Flop and Mettle Of Man, specially Mettle, because I was never able to trigger it, I played like 10 matches and the most far as I could go is 2 tokes, how does work specifically?

Even despite I score a protection it doesn't counts, does it need another requirement? Being healthy? I'm having a hard time trying to use it but maybe I need some tips and useful perks that may work well with Mettle.


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  • FireHazard
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    Flip Flop is only useful for a build that focuses on crawling away with tenacity from Tapps perks, and using Flip Flop to regen and gain a decent amount of charge on your wiggle meter away from the hook so you can hop off.

    Other perks that Survivors have could help also, but I can't think of any off the top of my head at the moment.

    As for Mettle of Man, its very specific and requires you to gain tokens through protection hits, which are only given when you take a hit for someone at for example... right next to them when a Killer hits you, right next to a hook when the Survivor was unhooked, etc.

    I'm going to be honest here, and tell you to give up on Post-Nerf Mettle of Man. Don't attempt to incorporate it into a build, because unlike how it used to be with just taking regular hits, taking protection hits is finicky and not worth it in the long run if you want my full honesty.

    Seriously, you're better off using his other two perks with builds that can co-exit with the perks...

    Play Ash like any other Survivor because all Survivors are basically the same, if you want a specific idea on how to play as him, you can try playing aggressive and courageous which co-exists with him being a fearless survivalist. Don't be afraid to take risks by finishing generators, and rescuing Survivors is a must.