Monstrous shrine change and basement buff idea.

Mike2550 Member Posts: 16

So since they are looking into changing perks and reworking old perks that are just not worth ever taking this is just my suggestion of a way to change monstrous shrine to be somewhat better and mix well with other types of perks but also keep it balanced. Since last weeks stream they reaffirmed that camping is apart of the game and its not gonna be fixed because its not broken. We can make more types of perks for camping but also to reward for not camping playstyles as well.

So monsteous shrine change idea. Get rid of the basement only requirement. And make it so if the killer leaves that hooked person they die faster. If killer is 50/45/40 meters away from the hooked survivor. That survivor dies 10/15/20% faster (that'd be shaving off 10.8/16.2/20.6 seconds from the two minute timer if left on the hook.) and to make it more tantalizing to pick up. You get extra blood points in the sacrifice category only. 25 or 50% for reaching each stage and the death. You can add harder escape chance but really i feel that should be removed with all the other stuff added. Or possibly make that still a basement requirement to add more incentive to bringing them to basement.

This would encourage the killer to leave the hooked person to be saved yes but if no one comes to save them which happens. They will reach the next stage much faster but if someone comes to save then thats a person not on a generator. This perk also is complimented in builds that asks you to leave said hooked person anyways. Mix this with make your choice, bbq and chili and even devour hope. It may seem like u die too fast but in reality itd shave just a few seconds off but the idea of this person yelling at their team to hurry and save them can make them panic seeing a faster death if no one comes for them which can make team mates leave gens to be altruistic.

When it activates the survivor gets the notification and can hear the entity whispers as if the entity is so giddy to take his sacrifice that he is making the ritual go faster just to steal that hooked soul. The killer side he can see in the lower left entity claws or sparkles around the hook icon when its active letting them know they are fully far enough away.

The basement buff idea is just to signify that the basement is supposed to be a feared place to be set. To go into the basement for that chest is a risk because if caught you screwed your team in trying to save you. But they dont do anything extra except be in a nice bait spot and never can be broken. So just adding one more unique buff to them would be nice. This could be a slightly faster death, takes longer to unhook them, gives them a mangled status effect or another type of status effect for a minute or harder self escapes. To make the basement more unique to make a killer want to bring them to that basement over any other hook or possibly risk the distance to try to get to basement instead of closer hook.

I play both sides and i have ideas for both sides to make each more fun to play. So i understand this sounds killer heavy buffs to favor them but i also have good ideas for survivors as well which ill put down in the future. But i truly believe if u incentivize non camping playstyles you will come across both types of killers and u have to adjust your playstyle accordingly. Camping builds are ok you just have to work with it. Id love for all types of playstyle builds to be used in this game as itd make it more fun to play against instead of seeing the same ol meta perks always used.