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Has anyone else’s We’re Gonna Live Forever not working?

Semp Member Posts: 2

It seems if I get 15k bp, it works, but really anything over 20k bp and it doesn’t work whatsoever. Thought maybe I just never got any stacks, until it came to the point where i’d Double check as I escaped, and sure enough, sometimes it works if I get low points, but it doesn’t work AT ALL if I get a lot of points. Sometimes it’s 3 stacks, sometimes it’s 4.


  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314


    Could be bugged, so here's what I suggest you do. You can shadow play record it (If you have Geforce Experience) and file it as a Bug Report in the bug report sub-form with the video proof uploaded to youtube.

    Or, you can just file it as a bug report without the video. But here's a second option if you desire more... direct results... you can file a support ticket with this issue and optional you can give it video proof of the issue happening to help with the case.

    Here's the link if you decide the second option:

    Hoped this help.

  • SkeletalElite
    SkeletalElite Member Posts: 2,654

    WGLF has been buggy for a while now

    I'll get the protection score event sometimes but not get a stack and sometimes Ill get a stack without the event

    Sometimes I'll get a stack while miles away from the other survivor sometimes I dont.

    Sometimes I get a stack while right next to the other survivor and sometimes I dont.

    Its just super inconsistent.