Chapter: Playtime

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Killer: Sophia Serenity (That's Me!) - The Child

Bio: "I didn't have many friends growing up but then it came, voices in my head telling me it was ok and it was lonely too. My parents told me I was crazy but it understood me. It said it wanted to come out and play but we needed more friends to play with. It said it new a way to make more friends starting with my parents. I new they would be the best of friends and I couldn't wait to make even more friends. It said it knew a playground where we could play together and make a bunch of new friends, and we could play and play and play…"

Timer Feature: Is indicated by visual rotating clock in the top center which is white and red when in use. Is also indicated by audio when in terror radius child will countdown when at 10 seconds otherwise hear child's laughter.

Animation: Uses a pair of scissors to attack held by the loops in a closed fashion. Upon hitting the target killer will open and close scissors twice inspecting the blood. Mori - Leaps upon target repeatedly stabbing them finishes target off with a final brutal stab in the eye. (Momma said I shouldn't play with scissors please don't tell on me.)

Ability: Ready or Not [Sound notification] - The killers ability reveals all survivors it triggers on a countdown starting every 25 seconds at four survivors for every one less remaining survivor the timer is increased by 10 seconds. Also for each less remaining survivor in the game the terror radius of the killer is reduced by 30/60/100%. (Here I come)

Perks: Tag Your It - Upon hitting a survivor you give them a false terror radius around the survivor for 15/20/25 seconds (I got you)

Play with Me - Blood lust triggers 3/4/5 seconds quicker.

Lets Be Friends [Obsession] - Mark the first survivor found as the obsession. Upon hooking the obsession inflict blindness on all remaining survivors. Blindness is removed upon unhooking obsession however upon obsession death blindness is permanent. If another obsession is already in play move the obsession to the first survivor found by killer. (I'm not cheating)

(Fun stuff fun stuff FUN STUFF!!!)

Add-Ons: The killers ability reveals a random single survivor it triggers on a countdown starting every 25/27/30 seconds at four survivors for every one less remaining surviour the timer is increased by 10 seconds. Also for each less remaining survivor in the game the killers speed is increased by 4/8/12%. [Sound notification]

The timer on killers ability is reduced by 1/3/5 seconds - Killer terror radius reduction gain reduced per sacrifice slightly/ moderately / considerable.

Increase sound notification lasting effect slightly/ moderately/ considerable.

Survivor: Scarlett Faith - School teacher (Boring)

Bio: I was getting worried about Serenity she hadn't been to homeroom in weeks and no one seemed to know what had happened to her family. I decided to check on her residence one day as it was on my home with only a minor detour. When I arrived I discovered the home looked abandoned no cars in the driveway and no furniture upon looking through the window. As I walked up to the door I had an ominous feeling however I steered myself for at least one good knock but before I could even knock the door opened. I should have just turned and run in hindsight but like an idiot I walked through the door. The last thing I heard after the door slammed was Sophia's laughter, then I woke up here. ( More friends YEAAAA!)

Perks: Discipline - When not under a terror radius actions are completed faster by 2/4/6%

Roll Call - At the start of match 1/2/3 survivor auras are revealed to all other survivors for 4 seconds.

Tutor -All survivors gain 10/15/20% additional blood points in the objectives category for every one full generator you've completed stacking; maxed at 5 stacks. (Told you she was boring but will have fun anyways.)

New Level: Middle School a two floor interior building with a small playground outside.

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