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how fast is a chest search with leader and pharmacy?


wanna see if me and a friend can do a speedy chest looting build

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  • FireHazard
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    So what @ChrisFuFuu says is right, the base search time is about 10 seconds, and with Pharmacy that's increased by 40/60/80% depending on the level.

    Now add Leader, and that's 15/20/25% also added on-top depending on the level...

    So an estimate search time for both max perk levels would be around... 5 seconds-ish because the max percentage is 105% with both of those combined at their max... so that 5 seconds is more like 4.9 seconds but not really 4.9 seconds if that makes sense... cause it's only 5%+ added to that 100%

    So its more so 5 seconds with all those max percentages added.