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What god did I anger?

I swear, every time I load into dbd lately it's like I used whatever the opposite of a salty lips offering would be.

  • I load in as surv, gain control, get hit by a god tier cross map hatchet throw.
  • Next game, load in, get control, take 2 steps, get ambushed by ghostface or pig.
  • Switch to killer.
  • Next game, the survivors become one with the shadows for like 10 minutes.
    • It's like I'm facing a bunch of Wraith's that are memeing (btw, is that a new form of protest or...? Why has this suddenly become a thing swfs do?)
  • Next game, load in, 3 d/cs and a suicide.
  • Get another similar game because "played spirit"
  • Get another "ruin"
  • Give up and switch back to surv again.
  • Next game, killer d/cs immediately.
  • Next game, Billy hits me before his terror radius does half a second before I can move
  • Next game, seems nice, tbagging with a nea as hello. Oh #########, here's billy again.

Who did I anger? What crimes have I commited?

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