New killer and survivor idea!

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The child
Melissa Santamaria was a child who born from an Asian mother and American father, she grown up being loved and cared but what changed her life were her classmates, the discrimination made her suffer depression, her parents worried about that and decided to go to japan but she refused. She felt afraid and worried about her future mates, her current classmates keep saying that she is not Asian nor American, just a monster.
One day she returned home, she locked herself in her room and started to cry for hours that became an entire day. Her parents tried to help her, but only anger consumed her, she felt that was all their fault. The next day her father suffered a car accident and passed away, then she started to laugh, she realized something, something dark, that only death could solve this.
She started to act as nothing happened and told her mother that she wants to go to japan.
The day of the flight, she disappeared with her classmates. Since that day the police found her classmate’s bodies near the forest each day but never found Melissa’s body, also people who passes said they have seen and heard children running over the forest

a little girl who uses a white dress, with a pale skin, has a straight dark long hair, completely black eyes, and around the eyes black too to look scarier, with a smile.

Melisa’s mirror:
Consumed by anger, she used to see the mirror and wish that she could be able to transform and be like the others. Allows Melissa to transform as a random remaining survivor aspect.
-cannot attack transformed
-while transformed she has 0 terror radius and runs the same speed as survivor.
-while transformed she can make survivor moves but the regenerator and healing wouldn’t progress

Basic attack:
Uses a scissor blade to stab her preys

110% as the child and 100% as survivor

Let’s be friends: Every time you stand at least 10 meters during 20 seconds from a survivor without chasing, you receive a token up to a maximum of 5 tokens. <I’ll show you what a good classmate is>
2 tokens: -/-/receive 5% your action speed bonus
3 tokens: -/increases your movement speed by 3%
5 tokens: grants the ability to chase your obsession with 0 terror radius. Only 1 obsession per match.

Hex: Hide and seek: A hex that unlocks potential in one’s aura reading. The aura of survivor hidden in lockers is revealed to you when they are within 10/15/20 meters.

Hex: Suffering: A hex rooting its power on hope. You are animated by the power of your hex totem when the survivors are on the verge of escaping. Once remains only 1 survivor, if there is a dull totem on the map, this hex is applied to it. Unlocks potential in one’s aura reading ability. The aura of the last survivor of the trial is revealed to you when they are further than 50/35/20 meters from you.

Mori: she sits on the back of the survivor and stabs her scissor in the victim’s head and laughs loud that everyone can hear.

-reduce the time of change to survivor or killer.
-she can move while changing to killer or survivor.
-increase speed while not changed.
-people sees other survivor as the killer.

Yamada Maho:
Mother of Melissa Santamaria, who worked hard to cover her only child necessities, the day of the flight she was moving their packages to the car but after realizing her daughter was missing, she started to search for the child, after days she heard some rumors, desperately ran into the forest were people told having seen a little Asian child and other children with the hope of meeting her daughter again, searching all over the woods the sunlight faded away and she got lost into the forest. To survive in the forest, she started to build a campfire and hanging torches to know the way she went, she got exhausted and decided return to sleep, she had a nightmare, of a shadow swallowing all her body, she felt cold. When wake up there was no campfire next to her just fog and darkness.

Overwork: You have a knack for finding tools to work. Searches trough chest are 40% faster. Overwork guarantees a commodious toolbox on your first completed chest search.

I see fire: unlocks potential in one’s reading ability. When injured state the auras of the hex totems are revealed to you for 3/4/5 seconds.

Mother’s love: When get hit to save other survivor, break into a spin at 150% of your normal running speed for a maximum of 3 seconds, cause exhaustion for 60/50/40 seconds.