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Is bodyblocking by a killer unsportsmanlike and reportable?

Just wondered. If it is accepted way of trapping a survivor to whack them and such then I wont bother.


  • Rydog
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    If they've blocked you into a corner where you cannot move, and they aren't attacking you, then that's probably fair to classify as holding the game hostage.

  • HellCatJane
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    It's not reportable.

    The only thing that can be reportable, is if you are being trapped there and held hostage or something. Sometimes survivors will sandbag like this. That is reportable.

    Also, survivors can bodyblock killers too. Usually for saving and stuff. That's fine as well.

    Also, if they block you, as soon as you get hit, you can go through them and start to run away. (unless you were already injured).

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  • FireHazard
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    Unless they block you in a corner or a room, like the small room in Hawkins, a corner, or even the basement... Than that can be considered "Taking the game hostage" and is a reportable offense. It's considered taking the game hostage since the Survivor doesn't have any options to get out of the corner... except DCing from the match all together.

    If say, the Wraith blocks you when he's cloaked and uncloaks in front of a pallet or window to hit you without risk than no, that's not reportable it's actually a strat that the Wraith does, especially paired with his WindStorm add-ons.

  • KillermainBTWm8
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    If they block you and attack you then no that is not reportable. What is reportable is a killer trapping you in a corner then leaving his house getting into his car going to the local Mcdonalds and then finally coming back home. That is reportable.

  • Kaelum
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    Body blocking is not reportable under any circumstance, unless you are preventing the player from playing the game for AT LEAST 10 minutes. You must also prove it with video evidence. That is the bar that BHVR has set.

    If the game is over in 8 minutes, and you were unable to play for the entire 8 minutes, that is not reportable. It’s scummy, but not reportable.

  • grtf47
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    @Kaelum Pretty sure its lower than that, imagine being stuck in a corner for 5 minutes because the killer is blocking you...

  • premiumRICE
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    unless its a case of bugabuse its fine using the bodyblock mechanics

  • fluffymareep
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    If you have to DC to end the match, it's reportable.

  • Gibberish
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    Bodyblocking is only forbidden if its done to hold the game hostage. (IE: Keeping a survivor trapped in a corner forever until they disconnect)

    Its perfectly fine to trap survivors for strategic purposes, like to keep them from rescuing another Survivor while that Survivor's Hook/Bleedout timer goes down.