New perk ideas

RotBb Member Posts: 396
These are all unique ideas I’ve come up with.
   -The entity would be displeased with your death. When escaping from a hook, bear trap, or searching a Macabre, get a 70/80/90% chance of completely disabling the trap. Only one Macabre can be disabled at a time.
    “The entity wants me to come back again and again”
   -You cling to everything that offers you a chance of escape. After using an item of rare or higher completely, get a 50/75/100% chance of an item of the same class of uncommon or lower. All add-ons are destroyed. 
•Dwindling Hope
   -Your team’s Dwindling Hope fuels you. For every time you unhook/heal/protect a teammate, gain a token. Whenever you get a skillcheck, good skillchecks count as great, great skillchecks count for ten percent of the progression bar. Tokens max out at 2/3/4.