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Which Killer?


I am thinking about buyinga DLC but I don't know which? I already have Saw, Demise of the Faithful, and Darkness Among us. Any recommendations? Just feeling really bored with all the killers rn. Like there's just. Something fun missing from a lot of killers.


  • Indecisive_Strike

    Hag does seem like fun, same with Michael. How hard would you say they both are to play to a fun extent? Like, how hard is it to be able to g r o o v e with them? Nurse can be fun, for example, but you have to master her :/

  • Indecisive_Strike

    Oh okay

  • Mister_xD
    Mister_xD Member Posts: 7,669

    if you feel bored and want something entirely new, i'd recommend you the Spark Of Madness chapter.

    personally i find the killer to be extremely fun and refreshing, considering you can do so much with him. his Add Ons completely change the way he can be played and while he is certainly not the best killer, i find him to be very unique, allowing for many, many different playstyles. His perks are also useful (Overwhelming Presence is trash, Overcharge is kinda usefull (in low ranks very usefull) and Monitor And Abuse is just great).

    back in the day, when i had a huge burnout from the game, this chapter was literally what brought me back into it.

    or, if you dislike Doctor, i would recommend you to purchase Ghostface. while he certainly does not provide you with as many possible playstyles as Doc does, he does allow you to mindgame very efficiently, so if you like mindgames, he is your man. His perks though... Furtive Chase is trash, Thrilling Tremors is okay and I'm All Ears is also just okay. nothing really good here.

  • FireHazard
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    If you want one of the most meta perks in the game than buy Hags DLC, but if you want a unique Killer that's decent in the tier list than Hag herself is also good...

    If you want to stealth around with barely any Terror Radius or 0 Terror Radius because of your power... than buy Myers DLC or GhostFaces (Buy Myers over his though... he's more fun...)

    If you want a really good point farming perk, than buy LeatherFaces DLC for BBQ & Chili... I wouldn't REALLY play LeatherFace because he's the worst Killer in the game at the moment... but if you want you can give him a try!

    Last, if you want to play a pretty tactical Killer... than you should buy Freddys DLC, he's actually pretty fun pre-rework and is still really fun post-rework! He's quite strong too, so he's not just a slouch... And he's also pretty good to use in Red Ranks as well!