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I have questions about exploits and game hijacking.


So I just got out of a game where a toxic Pig played a haddonfield offering, the pig the downed me like normal, masked me then hooked and ran away. Pretty normal. I got off hook found a jigsaw box tried my luck and didn't get it o i went to the second box and realized that haddonfield ONLY SPAWNS TWO BOXES!!(WHY) so i ran to the second and the pig was posted out in front of it, she wouldn't attack, move, nothing just sat and waited. Then an Adam came up and body blocked me by her to where i couldn't move. I then had to wait 5 F$%king minuets just to die because i didn't want to DC. After the game i found out it was a twitch streamer and his buddy were playing what they called "the 50/50 pig" I then flamed him a bit to make me feel better then came here.I feel like people abuse this game because not that many bans get handed out, at least I'v e never heard of someone getting banned no matter how they cheat or toxic they are. Opinions?


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    No, you can't report him for holding the game hostage if that's what you're asking. There was a definite end to the match despite it being 5 minutes, so he technically didn't hold the game hostage... Holding the game hostage is when like... if the Pig trapped you in a corner of the map and didn't move from that spot until you DC'ed... than that's holding the game hostage.

    But, you can report him for trolling since he was obviously throwing the match by sitting there, than he'd wait until you died from the trap (which you can't remove because he's blocking the Billy Box) and that's literally all he's doing...