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Do the charms remain in the tome forever?

Zaram Member Posts: 36

I know that the bloodpoints remain even after the current rift. 

The rift fragments disappear after 70 days but what happens to the charms you get when you complete a tome? Are they permanent?

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  • FireHazard
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    So, it works like this. The skins and charms on the tome that's up for that season are exclusive until the tome is over. Once the tome ends, the charms are yours to keep of course and will no longer come back to that rift (Unless they like, re-introduce them but it's highly unlikely since they'll be making unique charms for each new tome that's out.)

    As for the skins, the skins will reappear in the store after the tome closes (I think, it's either that or some time after the tome closes.) So no, the skins are not exclusive to The Rift forever, but the charms are exclusive to that tome and ONLY that tome.

    So once you have em, they're yours to keep and nobody can receive them again after the tome closes. Hence the name "exclusive" they're a one time thing for people to get if they want to buy the premium pass. (I'm not 100% if the non-rare charms will be re-used, but the rare ones like the chibi Claudette, the nectar flower, and the vial at the 70th tier are not coming back... i'm not sure about some other charms there, but the non-rare ones are unknown to return or not.)

    short answer

    Once you get them on that tome, they're yours to keep forever. When that tome ends, you can't get those charms anymore. They're officially exclusive to that tome afterwards and every unique tome will be a one time thing.

    So get em while you can! Or don't... up to you.

  • Zaram
    Zaram Member Posts: 36

    Thank you very much for your long response!

    but I‘m not sure if you confused the rift(season pass) with the tome(the tab with the missions)

    Based on your response the one charm you get when you complete the tome tier is limited and not permanent, right?

  • Zaram
    Zaram Member Posts: 36

    Ahh got it! I saw the Tier 4 Mission and got a bit shaky, but that sounds a bit more relaxable. Thank you very much !