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Do servers get more laggy at night?


I’ve been playing the game a little more at night recently and every other match is incredibly laggy to the point the frame rate goes down to nothing. Is this because the serves are connecting to other regions to find other players? I have zero issues during the day and I’m playing on ps4


  • FichteHiro
    FichteHiro Member Posts: 711


    The ping at which the servers run doesn't impact your FPS. However, bad ping at night can be attributed to the fact that more players play DbD at this time, which makes the servers more crowded.

  • fozzy_ozborn
    fozzy_ozborn Member Posts: 48

    I notice a lot of lag on PS4. Especially if Myers goes into tier III or Doc does his blast. It us horrible if you are in struggle and they do this. You wind up missing a beat do to the blast ir tier III and you die.