Idea to make Spirit a more fun killer to play as and against


Let me start off by saying that I'm a 3000+ hrs killer main and I love playing Spirit, along with Deathslinger she is my main killer. Still, I see obvious flaws in her design and even after her nerfs she is still quite uncouterable and unfun to play against. In her current state the only thing you need to do is basically injure someone, hope that they dont have iron will and have a good headset, then surivors drop like flies before you without actually outplaying them because you can just listen to where they are. My Ideas are therefore to make her kit healthier for the game:

Spirit change: 

  • When phasing the spirit doesent hear anything (only phasing sound)
  • Survivors only hear the phasing sound when further then 16 from the husk
  • Phase druation increased to 7 seconds and cooldown decreased to 7 seconds (cooldown always as long as you were in phase) 

Like that survivors have more ways to counter her. Here is why these changes are better for the game than current spirit:

  1. Being injured isnt a death sentence without iron will. Therefore iron will is not needed anymore to have any chance. 
  2. Mindgaming is now more on an equal level, both have to guess where the other one is going, which leads to the better one always winning the mindgame. This is much healthier for the game. And your chances of winning dont rely on how good your headset is, which has always been quite silly
  3. Raises the skill needed to play spirit and like that she will be high risk high reward. 
  4. Reduced cooldown is much more forgiving for missing a phase, which will happen more often now that phasing is more difficult. 
  5. Longer phase and shorter cooldown gives spirit better mobility and better map pressure. Using your power longer and more often is also much more fun to play because you dont have a long downtime during which you slowly move with 110%. 
  6. Phase sound set to a plain 16 meters because since they tied it to terror radius it has always been buggy and like that it may be more consistent. And the standing still strat only works when the survivor is really close anyway. 


  • notstarboard
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    Not allowing the Spirit to hear while phasing would be an unbelievably huge nerf. You'd hear her start to phase, then instantly walk in a random direction. She has no collision, no blood without an ultra rare add-on, no noise with this proposed nerf, and no scratch marks because you're walking. Her only option is to make a blind guess. This would make her phasing ability only really useful for getting around the map quickly.

    If you don't like Spirit hearing you, you can always run Iron Will. It's very strong, but it's far from the only way to have a chance against a good Spirit. Other perks like Diversion, Dance With Me, and Quick & Quiet. can all mess with Spirit in a chase. You can also make a point to heal so you're not loudly moaning and one-shottable in a chase. Even when you're really in a pinch you can still usually find a pallet to roll the dice on, especially if you have Dead Hard.

    I wouldn't mind the change you proposed of letting survivors hear the phasing sound when further than 16 meters from the husk, though. That'd be a slight nerf that would still generally leave her power intact.

  • immortalls96
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    Thos would kill spirit..this game is a 1v4..chases should NEVER be on equal terms or the game is imbalanced..that's the issue with this game

  • [Deleted User]

    when I play Spirit, I rely on sounds to get survivors.

    I agree she could be more fun to play, but raising the skill level to make her another Nurse is bad design and a bad idea.

    Killers should be played by everyone and every skill level.

  • ASurvkillivorer
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    No sound..

    What is with all topics suggesting MASSIVE killer nerfs also claiming to be killer mains?

    That wouldn't be "fair" in chases at all. How would you catch good survivors that you can't hear AT ALL?

    Yeah you're a Spirit main who wants the Spirit massively nerfed.

  • ABannedCat
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    If the Spirit can not hear anything during phasing, the survivor should not hear her either. Right now with killer footsteps being ridiculiosly loud, she basically has a directional phasing sound.

  • ich_häng_mal_rum
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    To have no sound during the phase seems to be a very big nerf, and I think that’s to much.

    But in my opinion spirit needs a change, cause against a good spirit you have nearly no counter. Most of them run stridor and „speed addons“ so after the first hit you have no chance... I think she’s to strong and I like more to go against a nurse than against a spirit.

  • Kind_Lemon
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    counter suggestion (still includes no sound heard from Spirit)

    1. Spirit when phasing now sees the frozen models of survivors where they were when she started phasing.
    2. Spirit can no longer see scratch marks when phasing. Scratch marks reappear after she is done phasing.
    3. Spirit can no longer hear any sounds when she is phasing (whatsoever) other than her phasing sound.
    4. Spirit has no power gauge (eg. no cooldown). This compensates for not being able to hear any audio cues (crows, survivor noises, generator noises, etc.). It also means her power can be used similarly to Hillbilly's in traversing the map (infinite duration).
    5. The phasing sound is heard by all survivors outside of her terror radius. Spirit's terror radius is increased to 32 meters.

    To me, this would make Spirit quite a bit more fun to play as and against.

  • Axe
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    All we need is her terror radius and chase music to turn off the second she start phase walking so survivors can hear Spirit movement

  • Rullisi
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    Nice ideas. I have also played spirit a lot and I think she isn't that annoying to play against but when I play as her, I kinda wish I couldn't use her to simply use phase to catch on to survivors who succesfully tricked me and are running away. Perhaps the further I am from my husk, the slower the phase walk speed would become. This way it is more recommended to save the power for mind games, rather than to catch on to survivors who deserve the distance.

  • Rullisi
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    The freezing sounds pretty cool. I just thought how fitting would freezing be for killer like spirit who looks like she was frozen to death. Perhaps when phasing, everything in her vision would be bit frozen looking which would be an excuse for the survivors to stay frozen in place and hide those scratch marks.

  • Joelux1
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    I really like your ideas, my inital thought on how to improve spirit were kind of the same, but i didnt dare to completely delete her cooldown, because i thought this might make her really overpowered and oppressive. The more i think about it, the better your idea sounds, even better than mine. Having a power that is so hard to use in chases doesnt really deserve a long cooldown, but if you are good at the game you can still succeed very much in using that power in a chase. So like that her power would be an amazingly strong tool for good players (downing players fast + extra mobility) but also usable for not so skilled players (they could just use it as a mobility tool and still be effective)

  • ThisGuuy83
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    So now you want her blind AND DEAF towards survivors?