not getting the right amount of devous credit for playing trapper for tier 1 20,000 bloodpoints


got 2000 bloodpoints credit for the challenge from 4 games of trapper despite getting at least 7000+ on two of those games.

Will try another killer to see if it is just a trapper bug or just bugged for me in general.

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  • Demon_Swords
    Demon_Swords Member Posts: 68

    was able to get the right amount from legion so it may just be a trapper bug for the challenge Deadly Deceit.

  • Xzan
    Xzan Member Posts: 907

    Doctor and Freddy aren't working, too. Got 433 Points for playing them.

  • Purgatorian
    Purgatorian Member Posts: 1,146

    I tried doctor and wraith, only got 16 points devious even though I had at least 4 gold emblems. That's 16 measly points, not 16k.

  • pref
    pref Member Posts: 1
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    With the hag i got 700 instead of 8000 pts in the last game. in 4 games i collected less than 2000 points - instead of having finished the challenge.

    with legion i also got not the full amount, though not 10x less

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  • ReverseVelocity
    ReverseVelocity Member Posts: 3,227

    I can only get 518 deviousness points per match with Doc, this is after 2 games:

  • OMGCatTreatz
    OMGCatTreatz Member Posts: 4

    Just got 304 points worth of credit for an 8000 Wraith round.

  • OMGCatTreatz
    OMGCatTreatz Member Posts: 4

    Nurse seems to give the correct amount. Pity I'm trash with her 😀

  • TAW012294
    TAW012294 Member Posts: 3

    Hag and Deathslinger have both given 550 when I scored 8,000. I was using survivor pudding both times.

  • Deadeye
    Deadeye Member Posts: 3,627

    same on spirit

  • DBD_Asteria
    DBD_Asteria Member Posts: 36

    every killer has this problem ig.

    same with ph

  • JHondo
    JHondo Member Posts: 1,174

    For me Hag only gave 461 two games in a row before I switched to Nurse to finish it out.

  • Sollin
    Sollin Member Posts: 1

    Same for survivor challenge

  • MasterOfPloi
    MasterOfPloi Member Posts: 6

    From my experience, the counter for the bloodpoints resets if you go over 8k, so if you get full deviousness + 500 bloodpoints, you only get the 500 you went over the limit. It could be completely invalid though.

    I have let the last survivor go in the last few games (so I didn't get the No One Escaped score event), and it has worked every time. Maybe try it out and see if it works.

  • acory55
    acory55 Member Posts: 1

    I am having the same issue. I'm on PS4 is this a cross platform issue?

  • eNelz
    eNelz Member Posts: 4

    I've had the same issue as Demogorgon.

  • xDagger
    xDagger Member Posts: 1

    Yep, same issue with Doctor. Really frustrating as slows the progress enormously.

  • maguirej03
    maguirej03 Member Posts: 7

    Got 492 points in the challenge after getting 8k deviousness points in a Doctor game plus bonus points with a Devout Raven Wreath offering. Definitely bugged.

  • arsenic1229
    arsenic1229 Member Posts: 2

    It happen with Michael too, scratched mirror gave me 8,000 bloodpoints and I only got 16. Im not sure if they just consider scratched mirror cheating but come on it’s a level one challenge, even with scratched mirror it takes at least 3 matches to earn.

  • bjorksnas
    bjorksnas Member Posts: 5,241

    a majority of killers are bugged, just find the ones that aren't, for example clown isn't bugged

  • RepostRiposte
    RepostRiposte Member Posts: 793

    4k, all Iridescent as Blight, 417 progress for the challenge.

  • FrauZockinsky
    FrauZockinsky Member Posts: 58

    There seems to be similar problem with the corresponding survivor challenge (20,000 bp in objective category). sometimes it gives little to no points, although i got a lot more during the match.

  • tomura
    tomura Member Posts: 6

    same issue here, got roughly 6000 for the challenge as either nurse or clown last night and then a couple hundred for hag

  • Anvious
    Anvious Member Posts: 7

    Yeah this happened to me too. Keep upvoting this people! This sucks!

  • foreverno0b
    foreverno0b Member Posts: 8

    I have played at least 3 games where I have managed to get 8k for Deviousness and I’m still only at 4,463. Hope this gets fixed soon, super frustrating. 😔

  • ShyPirate
    ShyPirate Member Posts: 369

    Having the same issue. It only happened to me once while doing the 'earn 20,000 bp in the objectives category' but twice in a row now on the deviousness one. I had well over 3000 already before playing a match as the spirit. Deviousness score was 7955, received under 100 toward the challenge.

    Next match as trapper got me 16 toward the challenge despite earning 6739 in deviousness.

  • Marcavecunc
    Marcavecunc Member Posts: 2,057

    Didn't notice until after I left the lobby but I know damn well I got more than 448 points that match.

    I also had a similar problem doing the survivor objective one, where one game didn't even register at all.

  • Xulú
    Xulú Member Posts: 1

    Well, same problem here.

    Two tries with the trapper, both count the points wrong.

    In the first time, I did not maxed (less than 8000 BP), in the second (the screenshot) I maxed it. None of them work properly :(

  • Larz02Barz
    Larz02Barz Member Posts: 95
  • ouv
    ouv Member Posts: 3

    same issue for me with doctor and the shape and for the survivor challenge for objective points

  • KwwB
    KwwB Member Posts: 75

    I just had a ######### match where I only earned 2.5k devious as Trapper but I only got like 100 points.

  • SpookyPumpkinPiez
    SpookyPumpkinPiez Member Posts: 278

    I tried with Legion and Doctor. I played 4 rounds in total (2 with each) and all those rounds I got max deviousness. In total though, I currently have 506 points for that challenge

  • shauny
    shauny Member Posts: 25

    They have acknowledged this as a bug but I would like to know - what are BHVR going to do about all the wasted time we've all had playing this broken game? They had better give us some free rift progress or bloodpoints to compensate.