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Cross-Progression Prestige?


So how does cross progression work? does it take Bloodpoint/prestige/items etc over to the other platform or only DLC/Skins ?

and if yes, what happend if i have the same character prestige 3 on both platforms, do i get the Bloodpoints back ?

or how does it work if i have one character at Prestige 1 and the same character on the other platform at Prestige 2, will it then be Prestige 3 ?

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  • FichteHiro
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    I think all the things you have get transferred over, including currencies, Character progression and skins (such as prestige ones).

    If you have a Character on P3 on both platforms, they will stay P3 on the platform you're migrating your progression to, you don't get your BPs back.

    If you have a Character on P1 on one platform and P2 on the other, they'll be P2 regardless of which platform you're migrating your progression from/to. Cross-progression just replaces your progression on one platform with a more advanced one of another, it doesn't add them up.