Dead by Daylight is no longer fun and devs won't change that

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4-year player here on multiple consoles.

DbD is no longer fun and here is why:

1) Cross-play disabled = sweaty mode. As a solo queue survivor cross-play disabled is a nightmare. The only reason I do this is to avoid 12+ minute wait times for a match. That only games you get are against top-tier (OP) Killers controlled by THE sweatiest players that will do everything in their power to make you have a bad time.

2) Cross-play enabled = you're on your own mode. As a solo queue survivor cross-play enabled is a nightmare. Enjoy waiting 12+ minutes to be paired with survivors far under your skill level that will only function as liabilities rather than assets. The Killer will also likely be a PC player which means its really a 1v~2 game mode.

3) Community is probably one of the most toxic gaming communities in gaming history. From T-bagging and SWF (huge advantage by communicating through Discord or other equivalent) to harassment, insults, and hateful messages left on your steam profile page. This community thrives in bullying each other and the developers have turned a blind eye to the situation.

4) Entitlement. According to each side there are unwritten rules that must be followed at all times. Streamers especially like pointing out which "rules" you break and get followers to harass you.

5) PC players have advantage through exploiting high input sensitivity (confirmed by dev on devstream). No PC player has to worry about landing a hit (especially Nurses). With a tweak of your mouse sensitivity and a flick of your wrist an attack in any direction will hit. Same goes for survivors, max your look sensitivity and spin in a circle, from the Killer's POV it just looks like you shake left then right and phase through attacks.

6) Servers are garbage. Dropped a pallet? You're not safe, a Killer's attack will still hit you. Get a notification that Dead Hard activated allowing you to dodge an attack? You're still getting hit. You got the animation for grabbing a survivor? Nope. You'll freeze in place for roughly five seconds while they get a head start running away.

7) Meta perks need updating buffs/nerfs, older killers that haven't been changed in a long time are way below in the tier rankings.

At some point this game stopped being fun. People don't play to have a good time, just to aggravate and bully others.

I'm done with it.

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    You seem pretty clear on why you aren't having fun. Good luck and happy trails. I'm not sure why you felt the need to tell us you are done. I don't think anyone listening to you cares or has the power to change the things you are irritated about. It is all very melodramatic. All games get boring eventually as we get too good at them or outgrow them. I'm still having fun, so I'm still here. You aren't so you say you are done, and so I expect we will not hear from you again or see you in the game. If we do, we know you are a hypocrite. One day I will have stopped getting a good return on the game in the fun department too. When that day comes, I also will depart for new horizons. I won't have any interest in stopping here to make a grand announcement though.

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    Yep, thanks for expanding onto that. DBD's community ain't shiz compared to those titans.

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    I agree that the toxicity is a little high for this game though certainly not unique to it.

    As for everything else, again, I find that it's true of most games, not really specific to this one. I'm a solo survivor and also don't have the miserable experiences nor 12 minute queues that you have. Do I have some frustrating games against some really cheap (or way too differently ranked) killers? Yes, it definitely happens. Do I sometimes feel like I wait forever for a match? Yes, up to five minutes (plus a minute for someone to wait out the lobby clock, then at least another 40 to 60 seconds for the map to load) sucks, especially when I go against someone who ruins my game within 2-3 minutes.

    But generally speaking I don't think that this game is treated any worse by its developers than many other games, nor do I think it's horrendously worse a game to begin with. I guess we've just had different experiences.

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    People who say that this is the most toxic community they’ve seen shocks me. As somebody who has been playing COD online since 2012 I can tell you right now, DBD is a dream compared to a lot of other communities.

    Fun is going to be what you make of the game, if you aren’t having a good time take a break. Find a SWF to play with online if you can’t stand solo queue. There are ways to have fun however you see fit.

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    5 year player here (can't believe it too)

    Just playing once in a a while, most likely when people force me to do so.

    1) not always. Depends on when you play.

    2) same as 1)

    3) "Toxic" means if someone in sults you via game chats or ingame voice chats. Heavily insulting you, going personal and offend you with idk homophobic or rasist phrases. That's toxic. It's not toxic if someone just plays a game how it's designed. If you dont like how someone does that, okay. You dont like it. But this guy likes it. And that's not toxic. You're just 2 different kinds of humans, apparently.

    4) True. It gets worse. But you could imagine that someone who's playing this game for about 4 years that this guy is like aware opf that and just playing the game like he wants to. 4 years and you still care about that? You still feel hurt if people say you played wrong? Dude those people don't know what they're talking about most of the time. People complain if you play fair and nice, they complain if you do everything they wanted, they complain if you did not. People think they're doing everything right but YOU were bad and had no clue what ya doing. What ever they say in the aftergame chat, it doesn't matter. If it's good or bad. if it's good, good. If it's bad, whatever?

    5) ... That this THE issue in this game that botheres you? Not certain killer, or perks, or mechanics? Matchmaking? The grind? The new player experiences? That's the thing that kills it for you? Why do I even wonder. You thinking this community is the most toxic one. Like I said, people think they know it better, but they actually don't.

    6) Servers are fine, that's called a "Bug". Just because no role get's favored anymore, doesn't mean servers are garbage. If the survivor ping is better than yours it be like that. I played my first games yesterday after some weeks and I got some grabs, like expected. So maybe your internet is just really bad and you get treated that way. And if you feel like telling me lies like "but my internet is the best" yea sorry. My internet is good enough for a game like dbd and a FHD stream at the same time. And I never have issues with those things.

    Dead Hard: Yea it was designed when p2p was a thing. So it's obv. outdated. But the devs already confirmed changes to it. Hopefully a complete rework. I want Bloodlust to be gone and if we make perks like Dh actually working or even if we just keep perks like that we won't get rid of Bloodlust ever.

    7) Killer/Perks gets changed every midchapter patch, I thought you were playing since 4 years now? You could imagine how things are working. And if so, you should know way better. Why? Devs becoming faster. Patches becoming bigger. 4 years ago? Things took forever and patches were very small. And 90% of the patches were bugfixes you didnt even know they existed.

    I'm not sure if you're a core member since 4 years. And I agree that this game has its issues. But you're a bit off the right way, just sayin.

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    I hope you move on to something you enjoy more.

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    Honestly red dead’s community is pretty chill. Never had any major problems with it

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    I'm pretty sure online gaming in general is full of toxic people there's nothing you can do to change that. I don't let the toxicity get to me because it's only a game, I play to have fun and if it bothers you so much you can turn messages off.

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    I have 65 hours game time, have been playing for about three weeks and would still call myself a beginner. I am killer main and have good matches and bad ones. I don't even have all the good Perks, because I distribute my bloodpoints first on several killers that I enjoy. I think fun in the game is what you make of it. I am very chilled and not dogged. I don't camp, I don't tunnel and I try to play in a way that everyone enjoys it and still get my 3-4 kills sometimes. Sure it's not nice when I play against swf and I get completely outplayed. But that happens, you can't change it at that moment, so straight into the next match. And if people think they have to teabag, that's annoying, but I'm over it. The same goes for the nasty chats in the end lobby, although I have to say that this has only happened to me twice so far. I find it rather funny when you can trigger someone so that he must necessarily announce it to you. But I have also deactivated the comments in my profile on Steam, if it should be too much.

    I think if you play a little chillier, it can only do the game itself good. And it's also fun to try things out instead of playing for efficiency and meta.

    And if you don't have fun anymore, you should just take a break. Either it comes back or you look for another game.

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    point 5 makes no sense. The exploit confirmed by the devs was the J flick on one specific killer that is way riskier than just playing the killer properly

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    In the overwatch and csgo community all I get were mom jokes, insults and stuff I could handle

    Only in the DBD community did I get detailed descriptions of how players want to kill and torture me and my family

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    Oof I felt this hard the new players will never know how great dead by daylight was when Myers was just added to the game, now it just feels like survivors are easy mode while killers are hard mode and we are lacking killers because of it and rather than giving killers a break to entice more killer gameplay they just keep adding more license killers to try to keep what player base they have left once a different game is made and can dethrone DBD this game will die unfortunately last year did not catch on F13 had that ridiculous lawsuit and home sweet home is currently trying to find its footing and some dbd streamers are currently playing it and I enjoy watching that more than ohh a gen popped ohh they’re running ohh the used d strike. The game just goes too fast for how many perks and mechanics there are that waste killers time, not entertaining to watch on streams anymore.

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    im going to assume that your most recent match was hell. sure i feel like that too especially if im just trying to keep my rank but there are days where this game can be fun. when i first started playing even the tiniest insult would trigger me, now i just shrug it off. sure it still pisses me off every now and then but now it isnt even half as annoying as it was in my first 500 hours. i only play pc so i dont know what console is like but ive played with a controller and landing hits still isnt that hard. ok servers are trash, no doubt about it. as for meta perks, i feel like they should buff bad perks instead like buckle up or predator that way they discourage the usage of only meta perks. why do you think survivors have been running the same 4 perks for 5 years?