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I wanted to share my opinion on a few things when it comes to pyramid head. I know that many people don't like to get zoned to death—just him dragging that sword and limiting your options to run. However, I am aware of the nerf and so-called buff they gave him.

After canceling Rites of Judgement:

Movement speed is 3.68 m/s for 1 second

Further attacks cannot be made for 1 second.

The nerf is fine

 Cooldown before further attacks after Punishment of the Damned reduced from 2.75 seconds to 2.25 seconds.

and the buff is just odd

I wouldn't mind it just being 2.20

Problems with the power

I would want to see pyramid heads' power become more Dynamic and more interesting in the chase. I wouldn't say I like the fact that we are locked on a certain axis when we use our power; it makes it very awkward, and it's tough to react with when say, somebody quick vaults into something you weren't really expecting. And let's say you use your power early survivors are obviously going to react and try and bait you out with it and the problem that a lot of people have with this is that if you do bait pyramid head out, he can cancel and then just hit you with a basic attack. So why not make it more punishing for canceling but make it more rewarding for using your power? I will definitely say that I'm afraid I have to disagree that his power has a crawling animation. It doesn't make any sense, and sometimes that can be the difference between hitting a Survivor and not hitting a survivor. This can also end up getting some well-undeserved hits that I've seen many people get because of the Survivor accidentally walking right back into it. It doesn't feel rewarding, and it doesn't feel deserve. I would want the power to feel satisfying. So the Repose change that I would love to give is that instead of making the Shockwave have a crawl animation, why not make it so it comes up all at once and make The punishment of canceling your power slightly longer? I would even argue a full 2 seconds so survivors would have more than enough time to at least vault something. Right now, I'm not saying that he is not a bad killer, but he feels so slow and sluggish. If you're trying to use your power slowly, you're not going to get a lot of hits the only time you really can you know to use your power is if the Survivor really does commit to a window or vault but trying to use the power out of reaction is very hard. The benefit of making the power come up all at once would basically make the power faster. It would force Pyramid Head players to either commit to the power completely or dropping power and going a basic attack at all. I would actually like to see this change be implemented because then survivors can actually have a little somewhat of a fair battle against the guy instead of a feeling like great, I'm going to get Zone to death like deathslinger. Another thing to say is that you can feel how awkward it is when you try to use your power out in the open survivors can easily Dodge it. It is tough to predict because you are committed to that direction and that direction only once you click. And to some degree, this is fine. Still, the only problem is that I would want to move a bit more freely when it comes to using my power. I get it. I know why we are locked on a certain axis because we're trying to make a trail of Torment, but I'm actually curious why not make it so he has a full range of his movement? I want to propose this change to make him more fun and less clunky when playing him. If you play him too, use your power out in the open without zoning; you'll know how awkward it feels.


I'm pretty sure anyone who’s playing this game long enough can agree that tunneling and camping is not a very fun style to play against now, granted they did change the cages back then. Pyramid head could literally sit in front of the cage, and those survivors couldn't go for the save. Now, If you stay in front of a cage within proximity, the cage will teleport somewhere else, but this does not fix the issue of if the Pyramid Head knows where the cages in a Survivor goes to save. There is no way to stop him from tunneling you now. This does kind of boil down to my opinion I disagree with tunneling; I don't even like to do it, and I never try my best to do it, but I wouldn't mind if there were a built-in borrowed time system, I mean, if you're going to sit in the cage it would be fine for the killer to not tunneling you right after somebody pulls you out. The only argument that I can really make against this is that people wouldn't like the idea of having borrowed time because there's no benefit for the killer gets, and that's where my counter-argument comes in. Well, you're getting an instant hook state, so it would be fair for the Survivor not immediately go down again and then immediately get killed off.


All I really would want is to make his power a lot more fun, more reactive, and give survivors a better way out for the problems he can cause. I am open to criticism and feedback. I would love to get other people's ideas. I want to make pyramid head a lot more interesting to go against in not labeled a boring killer. 


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    Didn't read it all but the final image is kinda funny, you got my like.

    All I'm going to say is that he won't be touched in a VERY LONG TIME, like 3-4 years, so yeah, better use your thoughts on something else.