As a Killer, the game feels bad if you don't 4K.

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IMHO: This is the biggest problem with playing Killer at most levels of DBD - if you don't 3 or 4K, the game feels like you lost.

Take Survivor, you can still objectively have a fun, rewarding experience even if the killer 3Ks. Hell, sometimes even dying to insure the killer only 3Ks is still a fun, rewarding experience.

Imagine how bad this game would feel like as a Survivor, if even if you escaped, you felt like it was a loss unless everyone also escaped?

Yet, playing killer, failing to kill 2... and watching the survivors teabag you in the gate until you eventually escort them on their way feels like a loss.

Whether this is a community created perception image or something the game somehow cultivates, I think everything would get better if they found a way to fix this... because right now the Devs balance the game around 2 kills, 2 escape. Because of that, they're always going to seem to be against killers... because the very nature of their game design is to balance the killer around having a game that's perceived (by the community) to be a loss.

The game needs to feel better for a killer who only gets 2 kills... if this is how the Devs want to balance it.



  • Bennett_They1Them
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    personally, I'm honestly not focused on the end result, but the fun I had along the way.

    I know that must sound cliché and stupid, and I'm not ignoring some questionable design choices, but (personally) I can play to win, and I can have fun without winning.

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    This has been exactly my experience. I play less than 10 killer matches a week because I'm tired of sweating my ass off. I have a low SBMM rating to begin with, but it doesn't make any difference. I don't mind losing, but the caliber of survivors I'm facing see to it that I barely get more than one hook.

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    I World be Happy if i would get more than 1k in a row whitout tunneling but sadly it is Impossible at the current State of the Game Gens are way to fast

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    Lol, even doing a 4K feels bad.

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    A 2K or even 1K with plenty of hooks and great chases can feel better than an ez 4K stomp.

    but generally, killer feels way too frustrating, that’s pretty much common knowledge by now.

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    A 4K is like a flourish, the accent to a beautiful picture, the cherry on top of a game that went your way. A 2K is totally satisfactory to me, and I had 1K games that were fun. What definitely ISNT fun, though, are those games, where a sweaty, optimized and well oiled SWF team is denying you each and every measure of successand wont even allow you an occasional hook. Those teams that see it was their personal mission, to make a killers life as miserable as possible and bullying the killer into DCing.

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    The best matches win or lose are where everyone makes a ton of bp and had fun. I try to promote that and my blood point bank account rises regardless. I get trying to get to Iri 1 grade but once there just have fun and try to do wacky and unexpected things.

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    Because as a killer you are supposed to be intimidating, while as survivor you are considered "prey" so it is not always a big deal to die.

    At least that is how I personally see it.

    Also killer can feel like too much work for little reward only to be mocked at the end which feels bad when you are considered a "power role". Multitasking and constantly feeling pressured by time running out can be draining.

    When I play survivor I can afford to take it easy from time to time if my teammates are doing a good job. Which only makes dying even more tolerable. Even looping for a long time doesn't tire me out like playing killers in a normal way does.

    The only time I don't feel stressed is when I play tp Myers and don't have to spend so much time hooking people.

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    You have hit upon something I was unable to adeqately describe for all the years I've played this game, but yes you are quite correct.

    Yes, that's exactly how it sounds.

    I have long felt that ALL Survivor perks should deactivate in the gate area and they should not be able to crawl out for a time after they get downed. At least a few seconds; that'd make them a lot keener to get the hell out instead of staying to teabag and bodyblock.

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    honestly a lot of the times im not even satisifed with a 3k . Because the way the Survivors usually escape in those situations is by either hatch or some really bad rng gates. The reason why i don't bring it up tho is because i understand that its a me issue. Its the same reason why people dont tunnel. Why wouldn't you choose to use the most optimum strategy to win? Because you are trying to get a greater fulfillment. IMO that's not the games fault. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    I play both sides and I would say “it depends”. If I can tell the survivors aren’t great, then yeah I’ll be disappointed if I don’t 3K or 4K. 3K is usually totally fine for me because I don’t can’t that much about increasing my MMR. The only time I will slug for the 4K is if I haven’t hooked the last survivor yet (need this BBQ stacks) or if the team were being toxic.

    If I can tell the survivors are very skilled, I will consider 2K a “win”, especially if I’m able to get the 2K without tunneling and camping

  • Ghouled_Mojo
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    I dont really care about the kills but the hooks. If I hooked three times and and killed three? eh. If I hooked 8 times and everyone lives? If they are running for their lives then it was a good game. If I kill one and it was just three hooks? eh.

  • pinkpowerranger
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    Its a 4v1, if there are any survivors able to teabag you at the exit gates and leave then their team won. Unless hatch was closed first... a 2k should feel like a loss but the good thing is that it's just a game and you don't really have to feel bad as long as you had fun

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    If the survivors aren't very good, I'll feel bad if I 4k so I'll pick the two most annoying survivors to die, and let the remaining two do gens and leave.

    As killer, I don't need the 4k so long as I had fun. Fun, for me, is not about winning; it's about testing my skills against the skills of the survivors. As survivor, testing my skill against the skill of the killer is what's fun.

    What feels bad as survivor is being tunneled because the killer themselves lacks any real sort of pressure. 90% of the time in situations where I am being tunneled off-hook, the killer ends up losing three, maybe four if I'm lucky, gens. They end up having two - three hooks the entire game because they over-committed to a chase.

    I don't feel punished by teabagging survivors and think the game would be more fun if killers had other ways to interact with survivors like Ghostface and Pig do.

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    Honestly, I actually feel a little bad if I do 4k. I'll almost always try to give the last survivor the hatch and if it's been a really fun game/someone's DCed, I'll probably give 2 the gate.

    I don't mind losing either.

    What gets under my skin is the 4outs where I had almost zero chance because the enemy team was so much more experienced/coordinated than me or where people are gloating/teabagging.

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    I feel like 2 is a draw personally. That's how the game is designed in fact, the median result is supposed to be 1-3 kills per match with 4 and 0 kills being the outliers. If two die and two escape that's basically a close game. 3 kills would typically be a close win, 1 kill a close loss. That's the dev's goal with the game so expecting something other than that is thinking the game is designed to be something it's not.

    So if you keep in mind that the game is intentionally built so that the gens are going to be done most matches, even if you played reasonably well, provided the survivors also played well then you won't be upset when some people escape out the gates.

  • Viamont
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    Personally i would say its not as much about the kills as its the experience.

    I have had games where i got a 4K, but the players where so obnoxious that it wasnt really fun to say the truth.

    On the other hand i have had games where i had a full escape, but the survivors where good, educated and even a bit memeish, i had a blast on those games, so i didnt minded the lose to the point i would meme with the survivors at the exit gate.

  • Ussu
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    I used to feel like that too. But then I learned you don't actually need 4k to get decent BP or xp etc. You just need to be active with chases and pallet breaks with a couple hooks. Probably still gonna get tagged though

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    LOL! I literally laughed out loud. I just had the same reaction in a match last night (minus the teabagging). "There was a Claudette on this team?"

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    I'm usually pretty content with a 3k if it was close and not just a scummy hatch escape. A 4k is obviously great.

    I can find a 2k pretty satisfying as well, as long as it's a good 2k, and not just catching a couple when the gates are already open due to their mistakes, or others leaving. At that point it already feels like I've been stomped, so getting like 1k more bloodpoints for a low hook death doesn't exactly brighten up the game.

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    This is my big gripe - one toxic game turns all my remaining games of the evening into brutal grudge matches, which isn't fun for me (or the survivors either I'm guessing).

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    This is just like me with Friday the 13th. If I don't 8k, I feel like I didn't do good.

  • katoptris
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    Can't take this game serious with all the bugs.

  • Laluzi
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    For me, it's less about the number of kills I get and more about the number of rude survivors that escape. If a clicky-clicky pallet bagger makes it out the gates or hatch, I've lost even if I got a 3k. But I don't mind a 1k or even a 0k if it was an engaging, fairly even game and the survivors were good sports throughout.

    Definitely agree with the omnipresent mockery at the gates impinging on the killer's sense of accomplishment and performance, though.

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    It's all about perspective, losing as a survivor can be completely out of your hands and it can be frustrating knowing that you can juice the killer looping him, you get your first chase and think to yourself ''this guy is not a good looper! we got this one in the bag'' then the killer leaves you because he knows he can't catch you and you see your other 3 potato teammates go down not even 10 seconds during a chase.

    On the other hand I play killer and I chill, sometimes I have fun even if I only get 1k, you can lose as survivor even if you are good because the killer can win based on your teammates mistakes and not yours, you can play perfectly but if your teammates are bad you end up losing anyway, as killer I feel like I lose based only on my performance...

  • DatFastBoi
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    With mmr, it also feels bad to 4K (due to stress or mmr going up)

  • Sonzaishinai
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    Prety sure that's a community created feeling. Killer role is very easy when you start out so you 4k all the time. Once you go against decent teams it suddenly stops and people feel like they aren't winning anymore.

    For me I realise this game is based on slasher movies and in most slasher movies there is atleast one or two people who escape. So no i don't feel bad at all about a 2 or 3k.

  • ShinobuSK
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    I will just add, that even if you 4k, the match can feel bad.

    This is the only mode in the only game I know where winning makes you sometimes feel like #########

  • FrndlyChnswSalzmn
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    Blood Warden just keeps them there for 60 seconds during which they just go hide in a locker and only works if you hook someone after the gates are open. That's why it isn't meta - if it was good, it'd get used more.

  • GeneralV
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    It used to be a bit better before, when 99ing doors was not a thing. At least you were pretty much guaranteed to get some value out of it, if you played your cards right.

  • slendermansmoom
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    one thing i do if the game starts to feel this way is to play jumpscare myers with the scratched mirror and boyfriend memo it makes both sides have fun in the end

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    Correction - YOU feel bad when you don't 4k. As long as I had fun I don't even care if everyone escapes. You're allowed to feel this way of course, but don't speak for everyone

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    If the match is enjoyable then I'm not super concerned about the result as long as the bp in the end is still enough for me. I feel like back when the game looked more at bp to determine wins losses didn't get on your nerves as much and people genuinely wanted to play longer games anyway. Right now, killer isn't that enjoyable for a myriad of reasons and I see no reason to play killer when it isn't enjoyable.

    Like, I'm not a super competitive player, but playing killer is a purely solo experience so the only thing that really matters to you is how you did at the end of the game. I feel like a lot of people don't get that when they give killers crap about being concerned with kills. There just isn't anything else to be concerned about.

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    That’s only true with old killers that played years ago, when they used to 4k. I expect new killers that come to the game and play fair and will be happy if they get 3k

  • JeanCharpentier
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    Not having 4k is not a big deal to my mind, even getting only 2k is okay if you have a fair match with plenty of chases, hooks, and the feel that you can have some map control.

    The problem is you have the time to do 3 chases and all the gens are done with both doors at 99%.

    As a killer, you never have the feel that you have a chance, you always race against time.

    1st chase, 3 gens pop, 2nd chase, 1 more gen pop, last gen pop during the 3rd chase...

    Trial is over and leave you the feel that you didn't have time to play the game...

    And this feeling exist even if you 4k and that is the huge problem because most of the time you did not 3k/4k because you have played well, no it was because the survivors made mistakes.

    Honestly, i feel good and am happy about my trials when i got between 8 and 12 hooks without camping/tunneling once. And this is possible at an average MMR with most killers. At an average MMR, individual survivors have way less skill than me, they fall down in 30 seconds top and still it's enough for them to do all gens or almost during the time needed to do 10 hooks.

    Of course, once you have reached a higher MMR you cannot play properly at all, as each individual survivor will be as good as you at looping, meaning all chases will last 1min+ so you cannot win.

  • Bennett_They1Them
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    right, I just meant it's good for punishing stupidity.

  • Munqaxus
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    First off, survivors don't have fun getting slaughtered.

    Second, if you want 4ks every game, then the developers should create survivor bots that will run up to you and let you put them on hooks.

    Or maybe the developers should remove the survivors legs and arms so survivors need to wiggle on the ground to escape from Killers. Then you can have tons of fun hooking survivors.