Remove Barbeque & Chili


"Barbeque & Chili" is the most common perk at upper levels of play and has been the #1 perk for killers for years now. It's frustrating to play against killers who use "Barbeque & Chili", and allows some killers to 4K without breaking a sweat. I don't care about rank (I am already rank 1 every month), I just want to enjoy the game. The stupid stuff you need to do to counter the perk (such as hiding in a locker or counting to 5) doesn't matter if everybody on your team doesn't do it, he'll just kill a teammate who doesn't play around it and then BBQ procs again.

It needs a rework, a big nerf or removed all together (a cooldown, range change, only for first hook, etc).

It's an unfair perk that completely breaks the game.

Reworking "Distortion" so that it doesn't use tokens but has a cooldown could be a good counter to it.

I doubt the devs read the forums, but I felt like I would voice my thoughts.


  • Rank1Survivor
    Rank1Survivor Member Posts: 2

    The game is different at a higher ranks, and most of you know it. It's the best perk in the game by far.

    BBQ and Ruin/Pop combo are used by almost every killer in red ranks. It has literally no cooldown and snowballs games.

  • Faulds
    Faulds Member Posts: 903

    Oh god please no, on the contrary, give bbq and chili 6 seconds of aura reading so that the aura-reading aspect would actually means something.

  • Hex_Ignored
    Hex_Ignored Member Posts: 1,634

    Do bones

  • JPLongstreet
    JPLongstreet Member Posts: 5,431

    BBQ is ran mostly for the bloodpoint bonuses, and the aura reading encourages not camping the hook.

    Also it is countered by Distortion, closing the distance to a hook, jumping into lockers, Boon: Shadowstep, crouching behind an incomplete gen, or simply running that way for 4 seconds and then cutting back.

    Fairly balanced perk I'd say.

  • PlayTwink
    PlayTwink Member Posts: 454

    Killers are literally dropping bbq at high mmr for another slow down perk and you want this to be nerfed? lol

  • BenihimeWrath
    BenihimeWrath Member Posts: 968

    ->Equip Boon: Shadow Step

    ->Do bones

  • Jejune
    Jejune Member Posts: 795

    Add Mac & cheese

  • Komi
    Komi Member Posts: 363

    Funny you say this, was in a match last night where BBQ was useless as the team setup Shadowstep boons in very lucky totem spots that covered the map for them. Im not mad since they dedicated a fourth of their perks to counter one perk, oh and the phat bloodpoint gainz.

  • Frontdoor6
    Frontdoor6 Member Posts: 609

    As soon as they remove Object of Obsession. That perk encourages looping too much

  • Laluzi
    Laluzi Member Posts: 5,553

    You realize BBQ's the most common perk because it reliably doubles bloodpoints?

    The aura reading's nice, but it's not the reason people use it over other tracking perks like Nurse's, Thrilling Tremors, Surveillance, Discordance, etc. It reduces the grind.

    BBQ's also insanely easy to counter. You always have warning when it's coming. Get in a locker, crouch so that the gen is between you and the killer's location, move close to the killer's terror radius, move in one direction for 4 seconds after the hook and then go in the other direction. Or just accept that the killer may come for you if you look like an attractive target. It's not hard to deal with it, and it discourages the killer from camping and proxy camping as an added bonus.

  • ThatOneDemoPlayer
    ThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 5,623

    OP's name is Rank1Survivor, you expect him to use his brain to deduct that BBQ isn't over powered?

  • danielmaster87
    danielmaster87 Member Posts: 8,546

    I rarely use BBQ. The info it gives is redundant, because the gens are being rushed so hard you know where the survivors are gonna be: on gens. If you think that's OP, you've got another thing coming.