New Killer: The Betrayed

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Crystal blue lakes attracted my eyes. I didn’t say what I was thinking. Birds were chirping and flying around. Yet, I didn’t say what I was thinking. His hair and mine were as white as the clouds above us. Still, I didn’t say what I was thinking. We just walked along the never ending concrete path; it sums up my life now that I think about it.

He was wearing his favourite fleece, even with that large hole in his sleeve, he still wore it. He looked has happy I was when I first met him. What happened to that? His legs were tired so we sat down on a bench even though mine weren’t. His boots looked so worn out and outdated, kinda like him, but I didn’t say what I thought.

White clouds soon turned black as if the good in me had turned to evil. I held my brolly over myself as the clouds above us cried their eyes out. People evacuated the area as if they were trying to get away from me. To get away from the anger inside of me. He wanted to get under the umbrella with me, but I insisted not. He grabbed the umbrella but the Merciless wind blew it away. We both ran after it.

I didn’t say what I was thinking because I knew it was evil. Everything around me was pissing me off, even my beloved husband whom I had dark plans for.

Angry voices filled my mind and I could not resist any longer. Crystal blue water had turned black. PUSH HIM IN! Birds were screaming and fleeing the scene. PUSH HIM IN! Our hair was no longer the same colour as the clouds, as the clouds had passed on; maybe we should too. PUSH HIM IN! No one was around to witness the horror that was just about to occur. PUSH HIM IN!

I pushed him…

As he fell slowly into the water, our past flashed before my eyes. His lies flashed before my eyes. He said he loved me. But then why did he cheat? I said I wanted children, he said he couldn’t. But then how did he have kids with her? All these years, he thought he’d covered the truth. But I knew. I knew the truth. I knew everything. I even knew it would end like this with me taking my revenge and to end it once and for all. I fell in too.

(I wrote this story as a practice story for my exam next week and I liked it so much that I wanted to use it as a backstory for a new chapter concept. I got my grade back today and I got a grade 9 which is above an A and I’ve never got above a grade 7 before. So I’m well chuffed. 😂)

Power - Betrayal

Survivors have a betrayal metre. The betrayal metre fills up 1% every second they are doing an objective up to 4% every second when performing cooperative actions with 3 other survivors. Once the Betrayal metre is full, the survivor becomes exposed and is revealed by killer instinct. The survivor cannot tell a lie or truth and get rid of betrayal for 60 seconds after becoming exposed.

Power no.2 - Lies

Survivors can decrease their Betrayal by interacting with a station where they must tell the truth or a lie. Telling the truth takes away all of the survivors Betrayal and fills up The Betrayed’s anger by 50%. Telling a lie takes away 50% of Betrayal and fills up The Betrayed’s anger by 25%.

Special ability - Revenge

Once The Betrayed’s anger has reached 100%, she can run at a high speed, losing 1% of anger every second. Hitting a survivor loses 5% of anger. For the first 15 seconds of Revenge, the first survivor the Betrayed hits will immediately be put into the dying state, losing 50% of anger in the process. Cool-downs of missed and successful attacks are 15% shorter and kicking generators immediately takes off 5% of the progress. Once the Betrayed has reached 100% anger once. She can use her anger whenever she wants. Whenever her anger is above 100%, The Betrayed can see all survivors auras.

Perks: Merciless Wind, Hex: Good turned to evil, Secret Thinking

Merciless Wind

For every second a flashlight is beaming onto you, You gain an additional 1% speed boost. The total speed gained after the flashlight has stopped beaming onto you is kept for another 10/15/20 seconds.

Hex: Good turned to evil

Whilst Hex: Good turned to evil is standing, Boon totems have no effect. Snuffing out a boon totem transfers Hex: Good turned to evil onto the totem after snuffing it out. Once Hex: Good turned to evil has been cleansed, every totem on the map becomes blocked by the entity for 20/25/30 seconds.

Secret Thinking

Start the trial with one obsession.

You see the obsessions aura for 10/15/20 seconds at the start of the trial. When the obsession is in the killers terror radius, all other survivors hear the terror radius that the obsession hears.

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