BHVR, do you really think players want to feel viscerally sick playing the game?

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In general, I don't need my games (which is play, you know... for enjoyment) to make me feel viscerally sick. Who thought at BHVR that downgrading the player experience (albeit temporarily) was a good thing to balance gameplay? How about instead of "debuffing" the survivor through a killer power, you buffed the killer? 

Win-win situation no? 

And before you tell me "well this is a horror game, it is supposed to make you uncomfortable", where do we draw the line then?

Is it ok to have the screen turn blurry with discordant sounds to start inducing dizziness in you? Oh, wait... never mind, we already have this covered by the Clown...

How about making it so that your screen turns darker and darker to a point where you just give-up the chase to have the killer put you out of your literal misery? Ahhh... bad example, Legion and Plague already got that...

Oh, I know, I know... what if we made something so punishing to the survivor (e.g. prevent them from running, interrupt all their actions - including the one attempting to remedy to the current condition, ...) that they could not ignore it? ... Cenobite... my man! 

Dredge's Nightfall seem to be yet another good idea on paper from the Killer's perspective, that yields a bad experience on the survivor side. Unfortunately not one that fulfills the charter of any game which is to provide fun/joy playing it: when the whole premise of the survivor role is that I need to know where I am going to escape a faster and stronger opponent, how on earth am I supposed to achieve that not seeing more than a few feet in front of me? And how am I not to puke my guts out trying to cope with my fast moving camera across the reduced survivor field of view during Nightfall?

I know, I know, a bit of a caricature here (well, maybe a lot), but only to drive this point: you don't have to use negative experiences (i.e. debuffs) to balance the game play, you can use a positive experiences (buffs) on the opposite party.

Is there a downside to it?

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