All gens and exit gates are powered at the start of the match!

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So I'm willing to bet this is some kind of hack, but since there is no forum for reporting hacks, I feel like this is the next best place to post it. 😐️

So yeah, had a match earlier, and the moment it started, all the gens popped and the exit gates opened (and one survivor immediately escaped.) Thanks to Playstation 5 auto-recording all your gameplay, I have a video to show you what happened.

Oh, and I think the washed-out look is from the PS5 saving an HDR video. That's my best guess, it doesn't look this way on my TV.

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    that's cheating, to report hackers, send a ticket to dbd support:

  • Apostrophe
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    I guess the problem with that, is we don't know exactly which player is the hacker, nor do we have a unique name to associate with them. It's not like the end screen shows their Internal Name#1234 type of name, it shows the name they use on their console/PC. Console is probably easier since only one person can have a name on a specific console, but PC players can have different names depending on which storefront and change their name on a whim.

    I want to believe it was probably the survivor that escaped the moment the match started, but I'm not the type to point fingers without definitive proof. Besides, isn't the point of clicking on the thumbs up/down icon after the match and going to Report for Exploit supposed to be the way to report a specific player? They really should have a generic "after match" button for telling Behaviour "This game was hacked, look into this."