PC Steam Daily Ritual Bugged - Rite of the Dark Within


I have attempted to complete this daily for 2 days in a row, and every match I play as The Shape, it doesn't give me any credit/progress towards the daily.

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  • RosieRosie
    RosieRosie Member Posts: 3

    i was just coming onto the forums to repiort the same thing!

    Step 1 : Boot the game

    Step 2 : Play as Michael in a public match

    Step 3 : In-game, level up the evil within (yesterday at least twice today at least 4 times)

    Step 4 : Finish game, get rift points but dont even have a 1/4 on the michale daily

    Ive played this as Michael on, East wing police station and also on wreckers yard (yknow the one with the hut but it still has cars about).

    So its happened twice now, 2 diff days.

    Perks used:

    Hex ruin

    Barbecue and Chili

    NOED (yesterday Shattered hope)

    Franklins demise (yesterday Bamboozle)

    Offering: devout ravens wreath (ive run out now so im not sure if i used it today)

    Addons: Boyfriends memo & memorial flower

  • Antonica
    Antonica Member Posts: 2

    Not sure how to do the log but I don't remember which maps except one was Forsaken Boneyard.

    Perks used: Barbecue & Chili, Dragon's Grip, Fearmonger, Dead's Man Switch

    Addons used: J.Myers Memorial, Judith's Journal

    Offering: Frightful Flan (I have 54 left so i'm trying to get thru them...)

  • Namen
    Namen Member Posts: 1

    Happened to me as well. Tried twice. Zero progress made towards ritual, leveled Evil Within III multiple times.

    Map 1: Not Sure

    Map 2: Eyrie of Crows

    Addons: None

    Perks: BBQ + Chili

    Offering: None

  • Apostrophe
    Apostrophe Member Posts: 16

    I just found this thread because I did a search on the name of this Daily Ritual to see if anyone else is having problems with it, since I just tried it twice and it's not making any progress for me either.

  • Rybe
    Rybe Member Posts: 44

    Same thing just happened to me just now. Very annoying. Also on PC/steam.

  • Thalie
    Thalie Member Posts: 10

    Same issue here, eyrie of crows map.

  • AbsolutGrndZer0
    AbsolutGrndZer0 Member Posts: 1,302

    Sign me up, just had the issue myself. Map was Swamp (no map offerings) running Judith's Journal, Memorial Flower, Perks are Iron Grasp, NOED, Rancor, and Starstruck. Offering was a purple coin.

    Entered Evil With III 3 times during the match, so that should be the full 4/4 but was nope, 0/4.

  • karlofflugosi
    karlofflugosi Member Posts: 63

    Same problem here, completed the ritual several times, no credit for it.

  • RobustLaser
    RobustLaser Member Posts: 15

    Just had this problem yesterday. Did two Shape games and got no credit for any level ups. First map was Haddonfield, can't remember the second.

    Perks: Save the Best for Last, Hex: Thrill of the Hunt, Jolt, Dying Light

    Add-ons: Memorial Flower, Jewelry

    Offering: Devout Spotted Owl Wreath

  • RobustLaser
    RobustLaser Member Posts: 15

    Yep, and again. Got it on the reroll so i couldn't re-reroll out of the broken daily. Save the Best for Last, Thrill of the Hunt, Jolt, Dying Light. Memorial Flower, Hair Bow addons. Saloon map. As if any of that matters since it seems pretty consistent.

  • shalo
    shalo Member Posts: 1,506

    Why am I getting this bugged daily offered to me? Turn it off!

  • RobJL87
    RobJL87 Member Posts: 10

    This bug is still active, just don't out 10 minutes ago. Surely the daily should've been suspended / fixed by now.

  • kcwolf1975
    kcwolf1975 Member Posts: 651

    Not working for me either on ps5

  • karlofflugosi
    karlofflugosi Member Posts: 63

    Also not working here either, on PS5. Very frustrating.

  • scorpio
    scorpio Member Posts: 354
    edited October 2022

    October 1st and this is still happening. I did enough in one match to finish the ritual but got no progress on it at all. Come on BHVR fix this crap. PC/Steam, Groaning Storehouse map.