I do not like the new changes. (Finisher Mori/Slugging)

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So let me first say that the main reason it looks like these changes have been done is to address a very common survivor complaint (Being bled out) (Slugging for the 4k), however in doing so they have created a system that can prematuely end a game on the spot for all the survivors.

While on paper, this seems okay - slugging everyone to death is now basically impossible, I feel we are now losing those situations where survivors are on the brink of losing but manage to make a comeback. Automatically ending the game like this is inorganic and I really don't like this change at all

Also some perks have completely lost what made them unique or fun to use:

Devour Hope & Rancor losing their mori functionality makes them more generic and honestly boring perks. Devour Hope actually has been nerfed because upon gaining that 5th coveted stack, you now need to pick up and carry them to a hook instead of being able to claim your hard earned reward.

No Mither is a completely dead perk now. There is 100% no utility use for it now.

Obviously it's not all bad, I like the idea of survivors not being on the ground permanently if downed and I think that can work as a basegame mechanic if done right.

This isn't exactly the most objective viewpoint on things, I'm just sad to see some perks lose what made them unique in favour of more generic changes and I'm a bit annoyed that we're seeing things that artifically end a match prematurely being implemented


  • mizark3
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    The nerfs to H:DH & Rancor are uncalled for, but 4 minute slugging has always been a tool for BM, and I am all for removing BM. Killers can always pick up, and wasting people's time slugging for the 4k or bleeding out the team shouldn't happen. I would even be down with a random number of crouches within the exit gate blocks it for them for 30s. No Mither could be better, but for now it appears they like it as a meme/hard mode. The auto end is a bit dumb when you want to give someone hatch and not have Emblem pip penalized for that.

  • Mister_xD
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    I don't get the changes to Devour and Rancor either.

    Both their kill aspects come into play at different times than the finisher Mori would, so there is no real need to remove it at all.

    Also I don't understand the need to replace Devour's instant kill with another instant kill. Seriously, there is no point in this, so why even bother?

    It's like they want to make Moris this flashy thing that is only obtainable in one specific scenario so they eliminate all other scenarios where it might come into play (Moris, Devour, Rancor), but I don't understand why it has to be that eclusive? What's the point in keeping it exclusive to this one specific mechanic? What is stopping you from just adding this mechanic on top as a fun addition, where is the damage that would cause?

    I'm genuinely puzzled about that and I'm not very happy with their decision on this.

  • Brokenbones
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    Do you want a really pessimistic POV on why they're doing this?

    Making Moris only happen at very specific circumstances and locations that wouldn't cause clipping issues I.E they're trying to make them more 'special'.

    Maybe it's because they're planning on selling different moris. Might sound like a stretch but hell, it's not like people haven't been asking for it

  • Mister_xD
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    I still don't get how that would need Rancor, Devour and Moris to be gone first though?

    I mean I'm sure they will start selling Moris, they've gotten a bunch of custom Mori animations in DbD Mobile already (and they do look neat). But wouldn't it make those even more valuable with those 3 mechanics intact on top of the Finisher Mori? Sure we'd have some clipping issues here or there, but those are not that common, plus they would only come into effect when the additional Moris come into play, the Finisher Mori would still be completely free of them.

    And it's not like we'd lose anything from keeping those 3 additional Mori options, they don't take anything away from the Finisher Mori in the slightest - they just add on top of it. Why do the Devs continuously feel the need to make stuff more scarce than it needs to be? ._.

    No matter how I look at this, it just doesn't make any sense.

  • Apostrophe
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    I'm all for anti-slugging, but it should be situational and not a blanket across the board 45-second timer.

    So say I'm a killer and I knock down a survivor right before they reach palette. Their first instinct is to crawl to the palette so one of their teammates can drop it on the killer the moment they're picked up. The way the game is right now, if a teammates approaches you as you're going for the pickup and you see them, you can smack them and they'll usually run away so they're not downed while attempting the save. With this new system in place, there's nothing stopping a group of survivors from wasting your time for 45 seconds by approaching and running away from all directions, giving the downed survivor plenty of time to self-recover and escape.

    And anti-slugging becomes extremely problematic during the final stretch of the game when there's only two survivors left. Based on my experience playing both killer and survivor, it seems like in 99% of the cases, when there are two survivors left and one is in chase, the other one will run very far away and hide in a locker until their teammate is dead, basically sacrificing their own partner in the hopes of getting hatch. Being able to slug that second to last survivor while we hunt down the final one is practically essential to be able to get a 4K/Merciless without them being handed the hatch. Heck, when I'm the second to last survivor left and I'm hanging on first hook hoping for a rescue, and I see my last teammate hiding out walking circles in killer shack, my thoughts aren't, "I hope they find hatch," instead I'm thinking, "I really hope the killer thinks to check the lockers at shack to get this freakin' coward."

    I feel like the 45 second timer should be in play when there's three or four survivors in the match, but deactivates when there are only two survivors left, and it should deactive when the survivor is within close proximity to a palette. It keeps things fair for the survivors to not be stuck with a slugging killer, but also keeps things fair for the killer to not be trolled when he's trying to pick up a downed survivor or robbed of his 4K/Merciless Victory.

  • SuzuKR
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    The basekit recovery and Unbreakable changes paired with Last Man Standing literally guts strategy and interactivity for both sides. It’s beyond insanely awful design.

  • RaSavage42
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    This is what we can expect from here on in... Seeing how they can't or want to make "new" things they'll just take perks and make them basekit

    And it sucks cause that will lessen the perks actually used... thus turning it back into a stale "meta"

  • Rogue11
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    This entire idea should be scrapped. What a terrible waste of resources.

    "We're removing multiple gameplay possibilities and mechanics for the sake of...a cutscene"

    Mori offerings are not toxic and are balanced just fine.

    Rancor and Devour are some of the most fun killer perks that break the usual gen defense/chase help mold.

    Survivors coming back with a clutch unbreakable/soul guard/power struggle/deliverance play just when things look lost.

    Honestly who tf asked for any of this.

    Make yellow mori basekit. Implement your cutscene mechanic when its used if you want. Leave the rest of the game alone.

  • MsBikasa
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    I also agree with you!

    I don't like the new changes either. It feels like fixing something that isn't broken!

    They can sell moris now and it would sell just as well, especially when they're making the non-license outfits available for purchase with shards. So mories can be cells excluse purchase...

  • Seraphor
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    "So let me first say that the main reason it looks like these changes have been done is to address a very common survivor complaint (Being bled out) (Slugging for the 4k),"

    This is incorrect.

    It seems that the reason for making UB basekit is entirely due to the new Mori system. Without this change, the new Mori system would be the de fact way to end a game with four downs and zero hooks.

    This new Mori system would destroy the game without basekit Unbreakable.

    This new Mori system that nobody asked for, and most killers do not want.

    I don't want to be forced to use a Mori when I don't want to. You are robbing me of a hook!

  • CaptainLoin
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    I don't like any aspect of the Mori change at this point. It seems like it was someone's pet idea that theyre really really wanting to push, to the detriment of everything else.

    It removes mori from niche perks for Killer

    It removes the flexibility to strategically Mori with the offerings.

    It actually reduces the number of Moris that can happen in the game.

    It makes all killer victorious games end the same.

    It necessitated an overhaul in how the game is played due to the negation of anything that could happen after the final survivor is downed, as well as the addition of baseline BT and all of the warts that come with that ( i dont know if it wouldve been considered as a solution had the mori change not been introduced)

    It forces the dev team retouching 5 years worth of challenges and perks in order to make sure nothing is broken (4 basement hooks challenge, crawl to hatch challenge, etc)

    I believe this whole aspect of the update is a misstep and will actively hurt the game overall. If we need to approach the slug issue, we can do it without the albatross of the mori rework attached to it. Leave moris alone and we can actually debate the merits of the changes.