Hardcore Perk Roulette

KayTwoAyy Member Posts: 1,699

As an homage to the Hardcore Survivor series, I've created a set of rules for a similar "hardcore" challenge that I believe is much more accessible to the average player.

Warning: Bookkeeping Required!


Collect all perks AND win your Final Trial

How to Play:

Step 1: Clear all 3 loadout slots on the character of your choice.

Step 2: Use a random perk generator to create 3 builds, and add them to your 3 loadouts.

Step 3: Swap perks between the 3 builds, to create synergies as you see fit

Step 4: Start a trial!

Step 5: Clear your loadout after the trial

Step 6: If all 3 loadout slots are empty, repeat Steps 2 thru 5


Collecting Perks

Every time you win a trial (escape as survivor, or 3k+ as killer), the perks you used are added to your collection--log this information in a notepad, a spreadsheet, etc.

losing perks

Everytime you lose a trial, the perks you used are lost from your collection

Items, Add-Ons & Offerings

All of these are fair game at any time, as long as you have them in your inventory.


The final trial takes place only after you have collected ALL perks on either Killer or Survivor. At this time, you can clear all 3 loadouts, and create the build of your choice. If you win the trial, you have completed Hardcore Perk Roulette!

...but if you lose, repeat Step 2 and keep grinding!

Optional Rules

Locking perks

If you win a trial with a perk that is already in your collection, mark that perk as LOCKED. It can no longer be lost!

Death March

If you lose a perk that is currently not in your collection, and you have previously lost it, you lose that perk permanently. Subtract that perk from the total needed to complete Hardcore Perk Roulette, and replace it with another perk from the generator.

If you are playing this mode multiple times, note your final perk count as your high score.