BHVR Teasing Survivor Active Action Icons



  • IronKnight55
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    I can't wait!!! This is amazing!! Thank you ❤️

  • Bran
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    edited December 2022

    Gross. But like it's cool beans

  • AssortedSorting
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    I am not sure how this will play out.

    On one hand, for SoloQ, players will be informed on if their teammates are goal oriented thanks to these Action Icons. SWF will not really need to check in with one another on what objective they're currently doing.

    On the other hand, it seems that callouts such as "Going for Unhook", "I am at % progress on Action", "X is at [This part of the Map]" that are available (and quite impactful) for SWF are still absent from SoloQ.

    Maybe they'll make it so that pointing at a Hooked Survivor causes a "Rescuing" Action Icon to appear.

    Maybe they'll make it so that Action Icons change in transparency based on percentage completion.

    Maybe they'll make it so that Character Portrait Backgrounds are darker for other Survivors farther away from you, with more transparent Character Portrait Backgrounds for Survivors nearer to you.

  • not_Queef
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    People are going to give up the moment they don't see three gen icons while they are being chased.

    I sincerely hope this isn't the only solo queue improvements they are planning because this seems almost useless.

  • C3Tooth
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    because doing Gen gives the least BP. I often focus on Gen, even injured and last hook trying to get Gen done.

    And in the end my BP is half to others

  • イエローミント

    I don't know why this is pleasing....

    If we can see the actions of other survivors who are acting separately in a horror movie, that would not be interesting for the movie.I think it is the same in games.

    I think the fun part of the game is not knowing what other people are doing.I frequently play Survivor in solo queue and I think such a feature would seriously detract from the gaming experience.

    This feature is not well received on Twitter in Japan.

  • th3syst3m
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    "Solo lobbies should be easy wins for me." Don't worry dude, they still will be. They need to add a chat wheel for solo players to bring them closer to SWFs.

  • _VTK_
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    I'm gonna return to DBD and SoloQ when action icons go live. I hope they'll get implemented soon.

  • UntilValhalla13
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    Will there be crouching and locker icons for the...immersed teammates?

  • Beatricks
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    Holy moly!

    To think that it only took the dev team 6 years to add five tiny little icons to the game!

    Pretty good job so far!

    Except of course, the problem with SoloQ has always been about skill. This is a step in the right direction, but as long as the current atrociously bad MMR system stays in place, there's not going to be any quality of life improvement for the average SoloQ enjoyer. No amount of information will prevent the 60 hour Meghead to go down in five seconds against the 10k hour Nurse main.

  • Mooks
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    Crouching is very unlikely, but lockers yeah, pretty sure there will be

    lockers can be useful against aura reading and may indicate via the icons that the surv has TR or smth

  • GentlemanFridge
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  • Seraphor
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    No, I meant 'this' the update with the icons, isn't going to help out SWF at all.

    So why on earth does this mean SWF need a separate mode that will cause wait times to skyrocket for everyone?

    So would you rather queue up against all survivors and get a match in 1-2 minute? Or would you prefer to mark 'solo only' and wait 20 minutes for a game?

    If anything, this update means there's even less reason to split solo and SWF, because they'll be closer in skill level. (in theory, in practice they won't because solo still won't use this information well)

  • RisingTron
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    killer players complaining about this lol. I wanna know how much mental gymnastics one has to go through to convince themselves solo queue isn't the worst way to play and wasn't in desperate need of quality of life improvements like this.

  • Jinxed
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    It's such a tiny improvement as well, giving almost no extra information. You'll know they're on a gen but won't know which gen, or know they're running but not what they're running to or from.

    It definitely doesn't bridge the cap between solo and swf, just a small QoL change. I don't know how anybody could be mad at this.

  • legacycolt
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    Blindness is there to block all auras for survivors, not what your teammates are doing.

  • RisingTron
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    Exactly. But killer mains gonna killer main. genuinely laughed at the comment asking if killers were going to be compensated for this change. It's comedy at this point.

  • BlueRose
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    Let's not pretend here, if the shore was the other foot the survivor mains would be doing the same thing. I'm pretty sure if they came out and said they were giving killers like a 5 degrees extra fov the survivor mains out there would be making that a huge deal. So let's not say "killer mains gonna killer main" bc survivors mains do the same thing as killer mains do when it comes to buffs to the opposite side no matter how big or small they are. That said, as a killer main myself, I do think ppl are overreacting about this change and making it out way more than it should. I honestly don't think it's going to make killer lives any harder and even if it does make kill rates drop the devs will find a way to push them back to the % they want.

  • Shirtless_Myers
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    An FoV slider is a straight-up buff that isn't comparable to survivor icons. Solo-queue is already the weakest link that deserves anything it can get.