Self Preservation challenge bug

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Hello, "Self Preservation" challenge from level 1 of tome 6 seems to be bugged. I played a lot of matches and tried every way to do it, but all without result. It just doesn't count. I also know a few people who have the same problem, so I'm sure it's bugged. Platform: PC.

Update: it's fixed.

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  • Letta_Ri
    Letta_Ri Member Posts: 1

    The problem exists for a long time, I also suffer from it. Please correct

  • WMBunt
    WMBunt Member Posts: 13

    Have also reported it through bug reporting multiple times over the past few months and no fix yet.

  • us3rz
    us3rz Member Posts: 1

    this problem is topical, i face to it too 😢

  • Akumakaji
    Akumakaji Member Posts: 4,936

    Rejoice! Today I tried again and was able to finish this challenge. For the longest time it was impossible, no matter what I tried but now it worked.