Dead by Daylight Slenderman killer concept. Power, Perks and Add-ons

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Please note, that this interpretation of Slenderman is a more like an original character, based on original legend, kind of like Ghost Face is based on mask only, but it still may reference other works related to Slenderman himself.

Art made by relssaH


An enigmatic killer, able to drag survivors into his world of horror using his power «From the Woods»

His personal perks “External Influence”, “White Noise” and “Scourge Hook: Woods Secret” allow him to regress generators from a great distance, make skill checks significantly harder and become undetectable upon hooking the survivor.

Speed 4.6

Terror Radius 32 metres

Height Tall

From the Woods

Slenderman can kidnap survivors out of the real world into his own realm of madness, fear and paranoia.

Special attack: Marking Tendrils

Press and hold an ability button to evoke your tentacles. While evoking, your movement speed is reduced. Press the attack button to release your tentacles at a great distance. Catching survivors with tentacles causes them to be dragged towards you. Dragging is limited by a short time period and you can’t move in the process. Once dragged close enough you can mark survivors with “Enigma’s Mark” by pressing the active ability button. After successfully dragging the Makred survivor you are able to sent them into the “Darkwoods”. A place for the survivor’s appearance is chosen randomly. Successfully dragging survivors in Darkwoods will damage them, however just upon arriving in the Darkwoods, survivors are immune to Slenderman’s attacks.

Special location: Darkwoods

Darkwoods is a different realm, coexisting with the map the trial takes place in, copying its size, form and hooks' placements, but there are no generators, chests or totems.

You’re able to tear apart the fabric of reality to traverse between two realms by pressing and holding the active ability button. If the map has more than one floor, Slenderman will always emerge on the upper one.

Survivors in other world from you are unable to see you or hear your terror radius, they can however identify your presence by appearing the audio-visual interferences.

The Slenderman himself is always able to hear survivors action noises no matter what realm he’s currently in.

Special Objective: 8 Pages

To escape from Darkwoods survivors must either be hooked or collect 8 pages scattered around the map. Collecting one page will reveal the aura of another, closest one to the survivor.

•After collecting 2 pages, survivor becomes afflicted by overwhelming darkness, surrounding them and suppressing their ability to see far away from them.

•After collecting 4 pages, survivors become vulnerable to Slenderman’s attacks.

•After collecting 6 pages, the survivor's location is revealed to Slenderman by killer instinct for a short duration.


 “External Influence”

You know that there is no need for close contact to break their will.

Upon hooking the survivor any generator further than 40 metres away from you loses 5% of its current progress and begins to regress at 100%/125%/150% rate from normal regression speed.

“White Noise”

Your powers seem to affect electronic devices in unexpected ways.

After regressing the generator by any means this perk activates for 35/40/45 seconds. While active, any affected generator produces skill checks at the increased rate while also making them flicker. After 2 failed skill checks this perk deactivates for the generator they were failed at.

“Scourge Hook: Woods Secret”

After you’ve dealt with one of your preys you suppress your connection with the Entity to find and catch the next one.

After hooking the survivor on scourge hook gain the “undetectable” status while survivor stays on hook. This effect lingers for 5/10/15 seconds after unhooking. Staying within 16 metres of the scourge hook for more than 12 seconds will automatically deactivate this perk.



•Shredded Page-Decreases amount of pages required to escape the Darkwoods by 1. Gain 100% bonus bloodpoints for ability usage.

•Dark Leaf-Decreases survivors field of view by an additional 2 metres after collecting 2 pages.

•Boy’s T-shirt-Increases movement speed while charging Marking Tendrils by 5%

•Hospital’s Brick-Increases survivor’s dragging speed by 10%


•Cultist’s Robe-Reduces time it takes to traverse between realms by 0.5 seconds.

•Urban Legends Almanack-Increases tentacles traverse speed when trying to Bound by 20%

•Paranoia Pills-Marked survivors suffer from “blindness” status effects for 60 seconds.

•Milk Carton-Reduces power cooldown after successful Bound by 10%

•Suspicious Radio-Reduces time it takes to send survivors into the Darkwoods by 1 second.


•Ranger’s clothing-Reduces terror radius while in the Darkwoods by 8 metres.

•Madwoman’s Diary-Increases maximum tentacle length by 2.5 metres.

•Dead Cellphone-Increases maximum dragging duration by 1 second.

•Dark Branch-Applies 30% penalty to healing while one the Darkwoods

•“Out of Nothingness” Podcast-Makred survivors suffer from the “exhaustion” status effect.

Very Rare:

•Smart Costume-Healthy survivors lose a health state after successfully collecting all of the pages and returning into the real world.

•Forbidden Texts-Increases amount of pages required to escape out of Darkwoods by 1. Survivors see auras of all the pages while in the Darkwoods.

•Broken Camera-Survivor no longer can determine your presence while in a different realm. You are no long get able to hear any noises of survivors actions while in a different realm.

•Dark Seed-Catching injured survivors by your tentacles causes them to suffer from “deep wound”

Ultra Rare:

•Iridescent Page- Survivors who collected 7 pages suffer from the “exposed” status effect.

•Original Photo-All survivors start in the Darkwoods. Reduces amount of pages required to escape the Darkwoods by 2.

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  • Chordyceps
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    This is a really interesting idea for a killer. He doesn't have any chase abilities, stealth abilities or movement abilities, but he does have what would probably be the strongest slowdown power in the game if it were to be implemented, especially on larger maps. Once they've been dragged into the darkwoods, they're essentially playing a different game entirely until they escape, which I think is a fun idea.

    For balance's sake, I do feel like it could use some limitation on how many survivors can be in the darkwoods at once, or how often a survivor can be sent to the darkwoods though.

  • Wandering_Entity
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    I mean, he has decent chase power, considering the fact he can injure survivor in deathslinger style once in the Darkwoods. He also has just a little bit of stealth because you can’t tell where exactly he’s coming from when you’re in a different realm. Also I agree with you on that ability to kidnap survivors must have some cooldown, maybe something like Freddy’s alarm clock invulnerability but after you escaped from the Darkwoods