Dead Space Survivor Concept (Thoughts and Feedback?)

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DESCRIPTION: Isaac Clarke is a quiet, yet strong minded Engineer who has had his innovation and adaptability tested in the most dire of circumstances. 


UNITOLOGY: You know better than anyone the lengths a person is willing to go to in order to serve greater purpose. After repairing generators without a tool box for a total of 50%, Unitology activates. 

.After repairing a generator for at least 5 seconds, press the active ability button to immediately add 17% progress to a generator. 

.After performing this action you lose a health state and are afflicted with the broken status effect and incapacitated status effect for 30/25/20 seconds. 

SKEPTICAL RESISTANCE: You are no stranger to the power of influence and have adapted a strong mental fortitude. When within 10/15/20 meters of the killer, the following effects take place. 

.Suppresses the urge to scream from any cause at all times 

.Suppresses illusionary effects 

.Immune to killer instinct 

ADAPTIVE ENGINEERING: Your skilled innovation has never let you down in even the most impossible situations. After depleting an item once per trial, Adaptive Engineering activates. 

.Hiding inside a locker for 12/9/6 seconds while holding a depleted item will replace it with a higher rarity and will replenish it’s charges to 50%

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  • burt0r
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    Adaptive engineering sounds broken for me.

    A BETTER, FULL item for FREE in barely 6 seconds, without any downside?

    Can't effectively judge the other two.

    And for my feedback to Issac and the necromorph, see my comment in the killer concept thread.

  • Count_Dooki
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    @burt0r Noted. I suppose the percentage for Adaptive Engineering could be changed to like 50% or something? (Also I haven’t compared these to the other perks currently in the game so I could see some broken combos accidentally forming).

  • Chordyceps
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    Unitology is essentially a direct upgrade to Potential Energy. With Unitology you still get to make progress on a gen while charging it up and you have no chance of losing its charge. This would be straight up broken. 25% instant progress greatly outweighs 20 seconds of broken.

  • Count_Dooki
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    @Chordyceps My main thought process was “sure I get 25% progress on a gen, but now I have to waste time healing and I can’t even do it right away”. Would lowering the progress percentage make it more fair? Maybe I should add the “incapacitated” status effect along with broken.

  • LordSturm
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    I notice Unitology states "you lose a health state", but it doesn't state that it requires you to be healthy.

    Which means as written, you could use it while injured and just down yourself, which sounds pretty funny. Given enough time, you could <sacrifice> yourself with this perk.

    Unitology is probably in a fine state. Maybe. The 20 seconds you're incapacitated for is 20 seconds you could've been doing a gen, and 20 seconds of gen progress is more than the 17% you get from the perk, but of course it's an instant 17%, so it definitely has its uses. I'd probably make the Broken status last a bit longer, maybe 40 seconds, because with strong medkits or Circle of Healing, being injured isn't that much of a downside.

    Skeptical Resistance is kind of lame because it majorly screws with a few killers like Doctor, and is totally worthless for the rest.

    When you use Adaptive Engineering, do you keep the addons? If so it sounds pretty strong. Start the match with a regular toolbox, upgrade it to a Commodious, and then repair that commodious 3 times with built to last... Actually, now that I think about it, that probably isn't even any better than just starting with a commodious toolbox. You use a perk slot to get a full regular toolbox, but you lose half of the commodious in return, so I don't know if it actually really helps you that much.

    Maybe you could rework it to give you a totally random item, but maybe guarantee higher rarity. That sounds like a fun perk.

  • AssortedSorting
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    Unitology has greater thematic ties to converging, bringing together.

    Also Isaac hates Unitology with a passion, the perk and it’s description should be more about separation if it involves Unitology.

    As for the Effect, it’s another do gens faster Perk, but this time Isaac The Engineer hurts himself while fixing something?

    Honestly Isaac could be the candidate for a Perk that allows you to create a Pallet (Likely needing to destroy a Totem for some kind of supplies).

    Skeptical Resistance:

    Isaac is skeptical of Unitology, but gets fooled by The Marker.

    What is special about him is he gets information from The Marker.

    As for what the Perk does, it’s far too specialized a counter for a few Killers, given that illusionary effects are not a Perk category (yet), screwing over Doctor and Freddy.

    Maybe allow him to see a rift only useable by the Perk user in the Trial? Interacting with it does something?

    Adaptive Engineering:

    perhaps allow the player to consume Items to charge the Item they’re holding? With charges gained based on Item rarity and number of attached addons?

    (While holding an Item while near another Pickuo prompt, you have the prompt to strip components?)

  • Count_Dooki
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    For the Untiology description it is in reference to the “secret ending” in the remake.

    For Skeptical Resistance it is designed to counter killers like Freddy, Sadako, and Doctor, but it only counters their powers when the killer is within a close enough range. Plus you have to hope one of those three are the killer you play against. That was my thought process though.

  • Count_Dooki
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    For Unitology yes, if you use the perk while injured you will be put into the dying state.

    For Skeptical Resistance it would be specifically designed to help counter The Necromorph, Doctor, Sadako, and Freddy, but the effects only work when within a close enough range. Plus you would have to be counting on one of them being the killer you face.

    For Adaptive Engineering you do lose all the add ons from the depleted item.

    Hope that clears some details up. I appreciate the feedback!

  • LordSturm
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    Skeptical Resistance is almost definitely going to see almost no usage whatsoever - it does nothing against most killers, and the few killers it actually counters, it counters pretty hard so it will suck really bad for them to go up against it, but those killers are already pretty uncommon in the first place. The majority of the time it's going to be a wasted perk slot, and when it works it will probably work too well.

    For Adaptive Engineering, if you lose all the addons then I see no reason anyone would ever use it over Built to Last.