Bioshock franchise - Killer concept (power and perks)

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Please tell me your feedback! Thanks :3

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  • RaSavage42
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    I like the Killer's power

    Perks... Sound good

    They definitely have a place in the game

  • wydyadoit
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    i wouldnt expect it to be added in this state, but if nothing else - it's a complete concept so good job 👍🏻


    next would be coming up with 2 iridescent, 4 purple, 5 green, 5 yellow, and 4 brown addons.

    as well as a terror radius, height, and movement speed stat.

  • Carth
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    Unstoppable force I think combos too well with certain things. I could run agitation/unstoppable force + starstruck + mad grit/unstoppable force+ awakened awareness.

    1. Find and down survivor

    2. Use awakened awareness plus starstruck and drop survivor #1 prior to 75% wiggle to down a second survivor with starstruck

    3. Use awakened awareness with unstoppable force while carrying survivor #2 and mad grit to hit a third survivor

    Do I think it's particularly strong? No, it has several counters,but it leans towards an extreme snowballing build that I think many survivors and BHVR would not like.

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
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    Thanks for feedback you all! :3

  • GreyBigfoot
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    First off, I really love Bioshock and it's my second most wanted DLC for this game. Any mention of it gets appreciation from me. Was there any reason why you picked an Alpha-series big daddy to be the killer btw?

    I like the idea, it's almost like a speed limiter Billy until you get upgraded. And after that, Billy but the drill is better than a chainsaw. Getting tokens passively might be too much, but idk. For reference, Coup is an 80% lunge and I'm pretty sure T3 Myers is an extra 20% of the default 5m. If that gets out of hand, maybe gaining tokens could be gathering ADAM from corpses put around the map. Hopefully that wouldn't weaken his power too much, because it would be incredible to have a little sister incorporated somehow. Breaking windows might somehow break the game unless they make it an official mechanic, but idk. It would be wild to see.

    The perks seem a little bit out-there. I'd like to make cool builds but I don't know if they'd survive the community's wrath if they were real.

    Unstoppable Force would never make out of the PTB without being severely nerfed. Since the cooldown is pretty short, it would probably be a non-issue and could see use every single time. Maybe a tokens system would be better. I'd say starting with maybe 4 that can't be regained, or gaining them similarly to Coup De Grace. System Reboot would be an F-U to Kindred and OTR, but it seems a little underpowered besides that. Honestly it could also affect the rescuer and then it might actually see use. Edit: I forgot that it would also hard counter endgame Adrenaline, which would be neat. The Hex perk seems like a strictly better Pentimento, since that rarely gets more than one or two tokens without survivors getting wise.

    Overall I love the idea and would definitely buy a Bioshock DLC if they made one. I think BHVR could do it justice, especially a map of Rapture.

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
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    Thank you so much for the feedback! The reason I picked this daddy is simply I needed a picture that is big enough for me to put the power and perks xD. I also didn't want the sister to be there since they are not part of the power.

    Some numbers of course probably would need changes, but thank you for liking the concept :3 I wish one day we can get the real Bioshock DLC.

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    Your concept seems solid for the most part, however i still personally think a Big Sister would make a more fitting killer than any of the Big Daddies would.

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
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    Her power would be so crazy tho xD She is very agile and fast from what I remember. Both would be nice new killers for dbd :D

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    Cool idea, but the thing with destroing everything on map is technically hardly real. They more likely to migrate to UE5 (which I very very hope for) than implement something like this.