Killer idea: The Link (can link two survivors together and hit them both at once)

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The Link

Difficulty: Intermediate

Height: Regular

Backstory: I wrote a story but it didn’t save 🥴

Power: Hold L2 whilst looking at a survivor to curse them, then hold L2 at another survivor to link them together. Whilst linked, one of the survivors can go to the ritual setup furthest from them to rid themselves of the curse and unlinking them both from each other (the other survivor is still cursed). Whilst linked, whenever The Link hits a survivor, the other survivor will also be damaged of a health state.

(If exposed, one survivor will be put into the dying state whilst the other only loses one health state)

I want to add some Addons for this killer soon 😁

Iridescent Voodoo Doll: The link can link a maximum of 4 survivors together at the same time. Survivors must go to the closest ritual setup to rid themselves of the curse.

Iridescent Heart:


Undetectable Escape

When one survivor remains in the trial, the noise created by the hatch will be silent for the survivor. After 20/15/10 seconds, the hatch will be revealed to the killer.

Scourge Hook: Bloody Fury

When placing a survivor onto a scourge hook, every injured survivor will become broken for 40/50/60 seconds and their pools of blood are slightly more noticeable.

Hex: Boom Boon

Hex: Boom Boon will become active when a survivor blesses a totem. When active, a random dull totem will become hexed (if all totems are destroyed, a random dull totem will rekindle itself and become hexed). Whilst active, the Boon totem will be destroyed after a duration of 30/25/20 seconds and the killer can rekindle the totem back into a dull totem if Hex: Boom Boon is still standing.

Let me know what you think so far!

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  • kidnamedfinger
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    I very much like the idea for the killer. What would its design be? Like would it be a creature?

    Also you could have so much fun with the add-ons here lol

    Hex: Boom Boon is a funny name and the perk sounds actually legit lol

  • LuluTheLion14
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    Thankyou for the comment 😂. I created this killer a while ago but it didn’t get much recognition and it’s probably my favourite out of all of them I’ve created. So I recreated it with some tweaks to the power as my previous one seemed quite OP.

    As for the design, I was thinking like a female killer. A bit like hag and plague put together kind of. Maybe some sort of witch from thousands of years ago. But that seems quite basic so I thought I might go for like an Egyptian kinda theme. Not completely thought of it yet. Been swamped recently with work so haven’t had much time to add to this yet.

    Glad you like my idea!