Please revert the screams change, it's a big nerf to Make your Choice, Dragon's Grip, and others


Please revert the screams change, it's a nerf, and for some of them a big nerf, to Make your Choice, Dragon's Grip, Infectious Fright, Incensed Ointment.

For Dragon's Grip and Make your Choice it's a FAT nerf, now you don't even know who to get value from, and if go back to hook/gen because a survivor dead on hook rescued/touched a gen. Terrible change, please revert it or AT LEAST give aura reading to these perks.

Infectious too, sometimes if you found a weak survivor dead on hook because of it, and knew because of the scream sound, you could immediately go. Now you cannot know, bubbles don't say who's who, so it's overall just a nerf.

Incensed Ointment was already a weak add-on, but now it's even more worse, especially if you were using Distressing with it.

I'm very disappointed with this change, please revert it or modify while keeping the consistency of the change.


  • bm33
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    It widens gap between solo and swf, which goes against what they've been saying they want to do. Solo could guess the perks based on when they heard a teammate scream and be able to try to counter the perk, now they can't do that but SWF can still tell their teammates what perks are being used.

    It's removing necessary information for killers to make their perks worthwhile. For a perk like MYC that is designed to encourage the killer to leave the hook and go after the unhooker it basically kills that incentive and instead killer has no reason to not go after the already injured survivor.

    Also with the added "noise notification" on perks with aura reading it nerfs Distortion. I'm losing Distortion tokens but killer knows exactly where I am thanks to the noise notification - it completely defeats the purpose of Distortion. Atleast with map wide scream killer didn't know my exact location when my aura didn't show with these perks.

    Someone on another post said have the 3D for within 19 meters and have the 2D mapwide. This is a WAY better solution. It doesn't remove information from killers or survivors and if the killer is close to the screaming survivor it helps them in locating that nearby survivor.