Another killer idea (The Savage)

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The Savage: A brutal animalistic killer, seeking to hunt down anyone they can find. They are a killer's instincts distilled into human form. They use their long, sharpened nails as weapons.

(base movement speed is 4.8 M/s, terror radius is 32 meters, height is tall)

Power: Primal Thirst Instead of building up blood lust when chasing survivors, every 5 seconds in chase you get a 'charge' of primal thirst. You press the power button to enhance various actions through expending your primal thirst charges. You have a base maximum of 9 charges.

Lunging expends 2 primal thirst charges to apply deep wound to a survivor, Vaulting expends 4 charges to grant you a 15% haste buff for 3 seconds, you expend 3 charges when stunned by a pallet to destroy it, and if you hold down the power button without doing any other action that would use up primal thirst, you can press the power button to expend all your charges to 'unleash'.

Unleash: For every charge expended, gain 5 seconds on unleash. When under the effects of unleash all of your attacks apply deep wounds, vaulting grants you a 20% haste buff for 5 seconds, pallets slammed on you are destroyed without stunning you, and your base speed is increased none of these effects cost any primal thirst for the duration.

Killer perks:

Pent Up- After being stunned by a pallet this perk activates, the next time you interact with a breakable object while this perk is active you finish the action 20/25/30% faster. After breaking an object you gain a 5% haste bonus for 3 seconds, and this perk goes on cooldown for 30 seconds once the haste effect is lost.

Hunter's Disposition- After vaulting you see the aura of survivors inside your terror radius for 8/9/10 seconds. The aura lasts 3 seconds after the survivor leaves your terror radius.

Hex: Territorial Mark- Killer starts the trial with 3 tokens. When standing in front of a dull totem, you can interact with it to create a Territorial Mark totem at the cost of 1 token. You can only have one territorial mark totem active at a time. While this hex is active you see running survivor's auras, and survivors not crouching or crawling leave scratch marks. Survivors within 40 meters of the hex see its aura, and the totem is destroyed after cleansing.

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    Ok, i need to stop giving flag at bhvr for creating so many killers now that you just pre drop and hold w for the survivors, because this is just another one of those xD

    Pre drop pallets, hold W, nothing of what you do matters, let's just bore each other to death because the survivors can't deal with your power because of lack of counter play, so they hold W and you can't use your power at all.

    Like, i understand the idea, but ultimately this killer is just stat buffs, it doesn't have a gimmick or theme. While i like the idea of a meter that you can use as resource to help you with different tools and effects, these effects just feel like buffs to what is ultimately just a M1 Killer, he doesn't have an unique skill or ability for you to master. Feels honestly kinda tame and basic for "The Savage"

    Of your perks i would like for you to explain the Hex. Because if i understand it right, this is permanent wall hacks for the killer if a survivor is running. So no mind games in chases now? Did we forget Awakened Awareness was nerfed because of nurse, a perk like this would never be ok.

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    So a 120% M1 killer with basekit pwyf, end fury, and counters DH?

    No thank you.

  • WeaverReaver42
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    You make excellent points on this. Although a basic m1 killer was the idea I was going for, albeit stronger due to the ability to essentially have more control over a bloodlust-lite effect with a sort of myers 'danger state' where you're more powerful for a limited time. Essentially the killer would be forced to balance their use of their weaker base version of their power, with building up a good amount of primal thirst for the unleash to last a significant amount of time. I wanted a killer that is incentivized to chase on the killer end and to hide for survivors, making it a more cat and mouse game between survivors and killer. The thing to keep in mind is that it takes 5 seconds for even 1 stack of their power, which isn't enough to do much of anything, and the killer would be incentivized not to break pallets since that would drop chase. However, the longer the survivor runs the killer- the more stacks they will build up. This would hopefully change it from survivors pre-dropping into avoiding line of sight to begin with, since as long as the killer is in chase they are getting more of their power. dropping a pallet wouldn't do that unless the killer decides to prevent a stun and use up some of their charges, especially since the killer would be incentivized to just keep chasing rather than worry about the pallet immediately (assuming the pallet isn't totally preventing the killer from continuing in that general direction). As for the lack of counterplay, many people say myers is a weak killer because he is too much of an m1 killer and has too much counterplay (not talking about the tombstone because everyone can agree that's too much). I'm not saying you're wrong mind you, just wondering what you would say is good counterplay for a character like this? I figured forcing the killer to use up their power in various ways to prevent them from storing up a large amount of primal thirst was enough, but if you have alternatives, I'm happy to take suggestions!

    The idea of the hex perk also didn't take into account nurse or to a lesser extent blight, so I can see how that would be a problem. The idea I had for the perk would be essentially an easily seen target for survivors to go after and remove. The area of effect where survivors would see the totem might be a bit small for that, and it's possible that while the totem is active, hex totems take less time to remove to balance it out somewhat. I was hoping that the killer would place the totems down (one at a time to prevent the killer just placing them everywhere and making it hard for survivors to get rid of them all). survivors would have to prioritize getting rid of them, and hide by crouching or just walking to avoid getting their aura read while someone takes care of the obvious totem.

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    I mean, in your post you say "Press the power button to enhance actions". I took this as for the killer having full control to when he uses his primal thirst.

    But i would also find it annoying if i was forced to waste my power without my choice. So i wouldn't want that.

    About suggestions... Hmm. So, the idea is to be a M1 killer with a bloodlust like power.

    I can think of some, just give me a bit of time.

    Just wondering, would you be opposed to any type of ability, do you want him to be a pure M1 killer?

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    Ok. Here goes some ideas of a rework. Say the elements you like and what you don't like. In the end, it's your vision and you that needs to be satisfied with the character.

    The Savage: (4.6m/s TR- 32m)

    Primal Thirst: For each second in chase you gain 1 point of primal thirst. You can have a maximum of 90 points. You gain 10 points when injuring a survivor and for the next 30 seconds, the thirst point gain is doubled and can stack (By chase time and injuries). Putting a survivor in the dying state gives 5 points and doubles the time before you start loosing points while not in chase for 30 seconds. After 15 seconds of not in chase you start loosing thirst points 1 per second.

    Savage ways: By pressing the primary power button you enter a couching run, you can vault pallets and windows (1.5s) after which you gain a 50% Haste for 6 seconds and you see all vault points inside your TR highlighted in White , by holding the secondary ability button you enter a defensive stance, slowing yourself down, but any pallets drown into you are broken and you can't be stunned. You can press the attack button to do a short slash attack that inflicts Deep Wound but can't down injured survivors, savage slash. You gain a 10% haste when injuring a healthy survivor into deep wound, until that survivor looses the deep wound. You can hold the attack button to charge the savage pounce, 1 second at reduced movement speed. This attack injures and can down survivors but doesn't apply deep wound. If the pounce hits a survivor with deep wound, the savage will bite the survivor tasting his blood and flesh. This will give the savage 45 points of thirst and for the next 60 seconds scratch marks will be easier to follow and blood becomes bright red, while he is in the savage ways mode. You do not gain Primal thirst while in the Savage Ways mode.

    Entering Savage Ways (20 points, don't consume but you need this minimum to activate)

    Costs of the power:

    Loose 1 point per second while in savage ways

    Loose 2 point per second while in haste post vaulting

    Loose 0.5 points per second while in defense stance

    Loose 15 points if defense stance breaks a pallet

    Vaulting: 15 points

    Deep wound attacks: 5 points

    Charge grab: 15 points

    Getting stunned while in savage ways mode: Get put out of Savage ways mode and loose 20 points.


    Master of the Hunt: After injuring a survivor from healthy to injured you see the aura of all other survivors inside your Terror radius for 5 seconds. This perk activates for the next 20/25/30 seconds, the next survivor you injure from healthy to injure with a basic attack gets inflicted with Deep Wound.

    Hunter's Disposition- After vaulting you see the aura of survivors inside your terror radius for 6/7/8 seconds. This has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

    Hex: Territorial Mark - After a survivor gets unhooked for the first time, that survivor becomes cursed, in the farthest way dull totem possible becomes a Hex totem. The survivor that is cursed cannot interact with that totem. Survivors running in a 12/14/16m range of that Hex have their auras revealed. If the survivor that was cursed dies, the totem becomes Dull.

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    Holy crap yes. I love this. I also like the way you balanced territorial mark and the idea for master of the hunt. As I've shown by my idea I'm not an expert in balancing, so I can't say for sure if the points are exactly perfect, however on the whole this is a vast improvement over what I thought of. I initially had a problem with the grab attack as I felt it's too similar to wesker's power. However I changed my mind thinking about it further. Overall, I have no negative thoughts about this change.

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    Yeah, i also thought it was similar to wesker. But i liked the idea of a savage just throwing survivors around so much that i wanted it xD.

    Glad you liked it, it was fun trying to change your concept while trying to keep the original points.

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    Hey, i actually got an idea to make him more unique and removing the grab similar to wesker.

    I already edited the idea in my post.

    See if you like it xD

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    I love it, it gives the savage a way to earn points without just waiting forever, while also incentivizing chase against a survivor you've already hit.