Springtrap: Killer Concept (Five Nights at Freddy's) FNAF fans should like this one!

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I've done a concept before for Springtrap, and I wasn't happy with it. I haven't really felt like any of the concepts did justice to the main purpose fans of FNAF would want from a Chapter. It should feel like FNAF. Springtrap is cool, but there's so much more to the lore of the game. Please check out this build, review it, criticize it, improve on it, hopefully not hate it and tell me what you think. With their latest license deal with Blumhouse, I feel like there is a pretty good chance we see this chapter in the future. Here is my concept:


  • The_Scarlet_Witch
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    I love the perks dont really like the killer power.

  • Underwear_Model
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    It is quite A.I. heavy. Stealth builds won't be very good either with his being somewhat noisy. Controlling Freddy at the end would both not make sense, and would also be less effective. Would you add an anti-loop, because I could see that making sense?

  • Chordyceps
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    I love the perks for this killer and would love to see them come into the game.

    Mech: Hex is a really cool concept for a risk/reward type perk where you have to choose how long you leave it up to get maximum value from it, but not let it get cleansed. Kinda wonder if you could get away with making it respawn if it gets snuffed instead of cleansed, or if that would be too strong.

    Prize Token sounds like fun, a combination time waster/status inflicting perk could be decently useful.

    Special Delivery sounds like a pretty terrifying perk to face that's balanced out by the need for hooks. Honestly I think you can get away with making the number for that smaller and closer together, something like every 5/4/3 unhooks.

    The power I'm conflicted on. It's thematically appropriate, and gives the survivors a lot to deal with, but doesn't sound super engaging for the killer to use. Also he should definitely be a 4.6 m/s killer considering he has no chase power. Also at 4.0 m/s the animatronics would be unable to catch anyone running in a straight line.

  • Underwear_Model
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    I agree on the 4.0 mps, but you're getting a lot of disruption releasing an animatronic every gen. I also agree on maybe not being as engaging for the killer, but his skill cap in effectively using the information he's receiving would be pretty high. Anti loop could be the other spawns at certain points. Thank you for the input! 😁