BHVR Survivors should NOT spawn on gens.

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Yet another part of the problem in balancing, is the fact that survivors, very frequently, spawn literally ontop of their objective. This is absolute madness.... How does this still happen?

Imagine if killer spawned ontop of a survivor or near them, the uproar would be insane... Yet it's ok for 3-4 survivors to literally spawn next to 3-4 gens, VERY frequently?

Im playing survivor ATM until the midchapter and nearly every game my reaction is the same... Oh spawn ontop of a gen, damn that was hard...

There needs to be a code put in that places each survivor minimum x distance from their objective so they have to actually run to it, while also calculating killer to be minimum x distance.

Why does the killer spawn lightyears from his objective but survivors ontop of theirs in a game that already has insane gen speed and a killer needs 12 hooks while not accounting for looping etc.

Survivors can easily spawn, ontop of, or within 5 seconds of a gen, and alot of the time 4 are all on separate gens within seconds. This is a huge imbalance that I don't see brought up enough.

No survivor can deny the laughing stock of spawning on gens being so common and frankly rediculous tbh. If anything, the offering to allow survivors to all spawn ontop of eachother should be given to killer and would instantly become meta.

I'm a 4k plus hour killer main and obviously noticed this with lethal pursuer, however I decided to stop being frustrated and play easymode for a while, but couldn't help but shout-out nearly every game "what the ######### may aswell start me holding M1 at this rate" with how easy my objective was handed to me ....

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  • GolbezGarlandGabrant
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    I just run Discordance. Most of them time survivors want to double up so I know exactly where to run to. Doesn't immediately reveal my aura reading like Distortion does.

  • verysleepy
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    Seeing these little surv mains saying survivors don't spawn on gens is funny. Sorry you spawned literally NEXT to it.

    Negligible? You having a wind up? They should have to FIND gens, risking killer finding them. Not move 2 metres and tadaa.

    There are a few games where I have to spend a good bit of time running to find a gen. That's a rarity though. That should be the common occurrence.

    Corrupt is a perk and a glaring balance issue shouldn't have to require a perk to fix.

    Basekit corrupt I'd agree with though, should have been put in the game when BT was. Not like survivors don't just sprint to the next gen anyway.

    30 second basekit corrupt would be amazingly good. Give survivors basekit unbreakable idgaf I don't slug.

  • RaSavage42
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    Making Maps bigger would solve the issue

  • Krazzik
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    As has been said there's already certain rules about where the survivors can spawn in a map in relation to the killer and totems. I suppose if BHVR also made it so they can't spawn within a certain radius of a gen, then there'd be too few spawn locations and killers would easily be able to learn how to predict where the survivors spawn without Lethal. Similar to Pinhead and his box.

    Would also massively increase the likelihood of survivors all spawning together, which is already fairly common thesedays. Not a bad thing for killers though, many are in favour of always having all four survivors spawning together, though that would make Discordance a bit too strong then.

  • verysleepy
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    Yeah this making the offering for all spawning a killer item would work, or a form of corrupt basekit, half as good like BT was.

    Or perhaps make it so gens need a minigame completed before they can actually be repaired, that takes 10-20 seconds? This gives bonus bp etc and can't have failed checks, just something different

  • MikeyBoi
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    ”Survivors should not spawn on gens”, pretty bold statement considering in higher MMR it’s nothing but 3 slowdowns lethal pursuer Cracked blight players with Blighted crow and alc ring or Nurse players. Having a survivor spawn on a gen and have the other 3 spawn in the middle of nowhere isint a bad thing at all. I play a lot of blight with lethal, and for the most part it’s usually only 1 survivor that’s spawning on a gen sometimes 2.. Shroud if binding would have a higher chance of spawning multiple survivors on a gen at tue start compared to without it. Trust me when I say that it’s good that a survivor spawns on a gen at the start because they are going to need all the gen progress they can against a sweaty blight with lethal or nurse.

  • Steakdabait
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    spawning on gens is fine. What shouldn't happen is all 4 survivors spawning on different gens all across the game, that is not fine and will basically make the match unwinnable from minute 1.

  • MrPeanutbutter
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    “Can’t spawn near a gen” and “can’t spawn near the killer” doesn’t give a whole lot of options for spawn points…

  • GensByDaylight
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    Instead of an overcomplicated and heavily argued over soultion....

    20 or 30 second basekit corrupt intervention!

  • Cassiopeiae
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    Spawning next to gens is inconsequential.

    A good survivor won't even touch it until they're certain you're not coming/have already (unsuccessfully) checked the area. Nobody wants to be caught first 10s into a match. Same reason why good survs won't mindlessly go straight to the RPD hall at the start since every single killer auto-pilots there for some reason.

    If anything, what should be done is to prevent all 4 survs from spawning next to each other because that's just free pressure, specially when using Lethal Pursuer.

  • Pulsar
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    Idc if Survivors spawn on a gen.

    Survivors shouldn't be able to spawn separately. They should all spawn together, imo.

  • Nirgendwohin
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    yes the Shroud of Separation should be a survivor offering

  • LuthirFontaine
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    I have spawned in the killers terror numerous times a night and I've spawned in the killers view twice that I can think of

  • WesCravenFan
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    The answer to every problem in the game should not be "lose 25% of your perk loadout".

    That said, I think the solution is not they spawn too close to gens, it's that MULTIPLE Survivors spawn too close to gens. All they need to is force all four Survivors to spawn together, and if you want to split up you need a Shroud offering. Having the entire team on different gens in 6 seconds is the problem.

  • GensByDaylight
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    RPD spawns ☠

    I've spawned in the same room as the killer once... and it was a nurse.

  • UntilValhalla13
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    Just spawn all of the survivors together in the basement.

  • Technature
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    Survivors spawning on gens isn't the issue.

    Each survivor spawning on a different gen?

    Yeah uh, screw that.

  • HoodedWildKard
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    I don't see the issue, if survs jump on and finish the nearest gen they set themselves up for a 3 gen. Because when they spawn near gens it's generally an outlying gen which are the ones smart survs want to leave till last. And as killer if they pop them first it actually helps you as killer.

    Plus with the gens spread so equally round the map it's difficult to do anything at the start without tripping over a gen. Finding gen free spawn points would not be easy.

  • verysleepy
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    I keep seeing people saying survivors spawning on a gen isn't the issue, it's multiple... Uh, what do you think my post is saying?

    It's that all 4 survivors are on separate gens within 5 seconds of a match. That is absolute insanity thus why I said killers should get the offering to group survivors together so that cannot happen. At most 2 gens will be worked on and if more then they'd have to actually waste time finding separate gens.

    Right now it's like... 3 2 1 commence gen rush by looking left on spawn and working on the gen the game handed you, for each survivor, nicely at the same time, evenly across the map....