Tome Announcement in the Developer Update

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Pixel Bush said, in his video “Why Dead by Daylight’s Lore Matters” that “[Lore is] the skeleton on which Dead by Daylight is built and, like a skeleton, it’ll be all that remains when the game is long gone.” 

This announcement in the developer update was honestly the most disappointing thing to me in the update. The reason why is because BHVR could go through with all these changes, and everybody saying they’ll uninstall DBD will. And honestly, I probably will too. But there’s one thing I know I could never stop doing, and that’s going onto DBD info dot com every couple of months and checking out the latest tome. Dead by Daylight’s lore is something that is so important to me, and without it I wouldn’t care about anything in this game. About Dead Hard, healing, whatever. And that is why I am so, so sad about this announcement.

Moving forward, the newest characters will be the ones in the following midchapter’s tome. Meaning that characters who do not currently have tomes are never going to get one. The only exception to this is licensed chapters. So apparently the only times older characters will get tomes will be the midchapters following licenses. 7 original survivors do not have tomes, excluding Renato and Thalita. 4 original killers do not have tomes, excluding Adrianna. So it will take about 4 years to give every killer a tome, and about 7 years to give every survivor a tome. In my opinion — and I know I don’t speak for everyone — but I and many others do think that 4 of these survivors have some of the best lore in the game. Zarina, Felix, Elodie, and Haddie. And I’d say all 4 killers, Oni, Deathslinger, Artist and Dredge do as well. So why haven’t they gotten tomes yet? Because I sure as hell know they deserve it. And even the older characters like Feng, Adam and Jeff may not have the best backstories but they do have playerbases who care about them regardless and would love to see their lore improved.

Please, Behavior. Do not do this. I am f*cking begging you. Zarina deserves to have her story told. So does Adam, Felix, Jeff. So does Elodie. Haddie, Carmina, Kazan, Caleb, and Dredge. And of course last AND least, Feng. Your new characters are great! But your old characters have already built up large player bases of people who care about them and their stories. You can sprinkle some new characters into new tomes, but please have at least one old character in every tome. 

Now hypothetically, this would mean that there will INFINITELY be characters who do not have tomes. But if we do really think about this, this will never be a real problem until the game is dead. And when the game is dead and you won’t have funds to put towards new chapters, I do think you coulddd maybeee occasionallyyy just put some new tomes in the game. Probably no skins or challenges… but just some stories??? I don’t know. I’m thinking pretty far in the future here and honestly, it doesn’t really matter. Just give your old beloved characters some gosh darn content please.


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    pixel bush is wrong about everything

    what part of minor character do you not understand? The Artist was a "minor character" in a tome and got like 25 ######### paragraphs in a single entry explaining her story, which is almost as much as some "major characters" with 5, 7, or 10 entries. i think that the idea was just badly explained, and people like pixel have decided to take the negative reactionary assumption because thats just what mid DBD content creators do. wait for the next Tome to judge the system.

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    He’s concerned that a “minor role” is all they are ever going to get.

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    pixel bush is still wrong about everything. thats literally just baseless fearmongering. "boycott tomes because your favorite character MIGHT NOT GET ONE!" also, in case you didnt know, the Minor Characters of this tome is three entries of Ashy Slashy, an entry of Feng Min, and an entry of Deathslinger. and all of them are great. not everything needs to be a 10 entry, 20 paragraph each shitshow just so "the lore guy" can make content out of hating on it. and you know what, i think characters just showing up for tiny entries like this is nothing but a good thing. they can get characterization and important info dropped about them without taking up 10 entries just to tell us "Feng Min likes this gaming cafe" or "Deathslingers father influencing how he builds machines"

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    please do add some more story for the og guys

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    Agreed. Especially since I remember when the tomes were introduced it was supposed to tell old stories and add to them since many very old characters like Dwight and Trapper had barely any important lore at all. I also remember when I got addicted to watching the game and not being able to play myself (because no PC at that time) I would sit on the wiki for hours to learn about this world. Sad to see the tomes are mostly becoming a tool to promote new content hoping anyone will still buy it even though the feedback was mostly negative.