My LEAST Favourite Survivors And Why

BabyShrimp Member Posts: 81

This is a bit of a serious post but also a joke, so don't take it too seriously. Also if anything in here that I'm saying is negative and you relate to it, this is just a rant about fictional characters and I get along with people who have the same traits just fine, so don't take it personally. That said, enjoy.

Jane FREAKING Romero. She is definitely the type to try and cancel you over the wrong takes, then when you so much as say her talk show is boring she'd be like "I am a strong powerful woman, and I don't need to take this negativity, HATER!"

Mikeala Reid is the type of person to bully you for your astrology sign. She'd be like "I'm a Sagittarius, and the universe told me that since you're not, you're just gonna bring negative energy into my life. Buh bye!"

Yun-Jin is the type of person who would give you the dirtiest look for not having a Gucci label on everything you own, even though she herself looks like she got her clothes from a second hand store aa decade ago, and I freaking love second hand stores!!!

And Dwight, he calls himself the nice guy. Someone at the campfire could punch him in the face, and because they happened to be female he'd be like "Yas queen!"

Anything you disagree with or wanna add?