New Perk idea: the Survivor Doppleganger

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Once activated, it creates a doppelgänger of you that lasts for X seconds or until hit by the killer.

If activated near a gen it will pretend it’s repairing. If activated during chase it will run away so you can use it as a decoy.

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  • miniwengsel
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    Ehm no

  • Eelanos
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    I don't see what's so bad about it. It doesn't increase repair speed, it doesn't increase healing speed, attacking it will only make you lose as much time as a missed attack, and in the best case scenario (decoy while being chased) is super easy to handle just by trying not to break LoS for too long.

    Like, at best, this would be a meme perk for fun. Not much different to Diversion or Deception.

  • Nazzzak
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    Funny thing is, it wouldn't be too difficult to implement as I imagine they'd use the same mechanic as the Doctor's illusions.

  • BlightedDolphin
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    Diversion and Deception are easy to tell when they are activated. This wouldn’t be. Run behind a wall, activate, and now the killer doesn’t know who is who. Vault a window from a height, then activate it when you land and now the killer can’t tell which is real because they can’t look down while vaulting.

  • Eelanos
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    Y... yes, that's the idea...? Like, perks are meant to have effects.

    I still don't see the issue. Equipping this means one less perk slot only to disorient the killer a bit. One less slot for healing, repairing or exhaustion perks.

    Plus, injured sounds would make this only ever useful while healthy, and scratch marks makes this only ever useful if you can hide without making a second trail of scratch marks towards you, otherwise the killer will reengage.

    And we still haven't talked about activation conditions or anything of the sort. It's niche enough that I don't see how anyone would be against it.

  • KayTwoAyy
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    Interesting concept.

    I believe this effect is what Diversion aims to achieve. Perhaps Diversion could use some sort of buff to fill this niche.

  • BlightedDolphin
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    Yes... perks should have effects but not powerful uncounterable ones.

    However, I didn't think of the scratch marks thing. If there are no scratches from the copy then I guess it has counterplay and so it's fine.

  • crogers271
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    You're basically remaking Switch from deathgarden.

    I think theme is a factor. The survivors are generally 'mundane', an illusion would be a weird power to have.

    Balance wise? All depends on cooldown, ways killers might be able to tell the difference, etc.